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Maximise your people’s potential with our innovative performance management system

Support and retain your best and bright­est talent with strategic performance management software from Sage. 

Why employee performance management is top priority

Business success is largely determined by attracting and retaining the best employees and keeping them motivated and engaged. 

That’s why professional development and employee performance management should be a top priority for any savvy business leader.

Your people are your organisation’s most valuable asset. Investing in a strategic performance management system will free up your time and let you concentrate on delivering exceptional employee experiences.


How to develop an effective and successful performance management  system

Organisations use a range of appraisal and evaluation tools to review their people’s performance and help staff set career and development goals. 

There are various HR and people management solutions out there, including performance feedback software and performance appraisal systems. 

The most successful employee performance management systems are those designed with your people in mind. 

People-focused tools and systems will help you recognise and reward your employees fairly and help staff understand what’s expected of them.


Why is a performance management system so important? 

Strategic performance management helps create a clear connection between performance and goals, continual development opportunities and peer feedback and recognition.

An effective system and process will help you support your staff through every step of their professional development. 

It’ll help you boost productivity, manage and retain top talent and lead to more motivated and engaged employees.


Manage your people’s performance with Sage

We understand the difficulties businesses face when implementing performance management software.

That's why we've designed Sage Business Cloud People, the world's most innovative and scalable HR and people management system. 

Our cloud-based system will transform the way you manage and engage your staff and help you retain top talent.

And unlike other products, it automates global processes and policies — helping you to meet global and local compliance requirements.


Tools that make your people tick

From instant recognition to formal performance reviews and evaluations, we support a range of frameworks to help your people perform at their best — day in, day out.

Using tools like the 9-box grid and 360-degree feedback, we’ll give you a clear and objective view of where your staff excel, where they can develop and what makes them tick. 

Discover the benefits of people management software from Sage

Designed specifically for medium and multinational organisations (up to 5,000 employees), Sage Business Cloud People is easy to use and configured to suit your business needs.

Increased productivity

Streamline your core HR and people management processes by automating key tasks in a single system across your entire organisation.

Track top talent

Analyse the skills of your existing employees, spot stars and build your team for the future.

Great workforce experiences

Empower HR and people teams to do their best work, with intuitive user experience across the entire employment journey.

Make smarter business decisions

Drill down into performance metrics and get actionable insights using easy to understand reports and dashboards.

People management software for your business

Sage Business Cloud


A cloud-native People system built on the Salesforce platform. Deliver enhanced employee experiences to your workforce anywhere at any time..

  • All your people information in a single, secure system of record, with access on any browser or device
  • Real-time workforce visibility with pre-built dashboards and analytics for smarter people decisions
  • Built on the Salesforce platform providing unparalleled reliability
  • Ability to meet both local and global compliance reporting requirements
  • Providing a consistent onboarding experience no matter where the employee is located
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