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As a partner, it's easy to earn money by bringing solutions to market that help all sizes of businesses manage their finances.

A world of difference

No matter what you want to sell or what type of customers you target, we have accounting and business management solutions to help you and your customers grow.

We are looking for partners who want to help small and medium-sized businesses grow faster using on-site and cloud solutions. We offer on-site, hybrid, subscription and cloud solutions.

Opportunities for Sage Partners

Collaborate with us and gain access to a wide market and a host of other benefits when you join the Sage Partner Program.


Software solutions have never been sweeter. In the world of commerce, the movement of money is the lifeblood of any business. Helping businesses get the most out of their technology makes you their key to success. Partner with Sage and help your customers go from startup to global enterprise.


Offer smart HCM solutions for your clients with Sage Business Cloud People, the world's leading HR and People solution on the Salesforce platform that helps organisations attract, manage and retain top talent.

Business management solutions

Businesses in every industry are demanding a cohesive business management solution that frees them from outmoded, complex enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Sage Partners can deliver faster, simpler, and more flexible solutions.

Join the team

Offer world-class services and solutions to your customers, so you can grow your business and benefit from exciting new business opportunities - just like the thousands of resellers and partners who already depend on Sage.

We've been partnering with Sage for over 16 years now. They are always supportive and wholly committed to helping our customers achieve positive results from their world class solutions.

Harach Lucas, Managing Director

MicroChannel, Australia

What can you get from the Sage Partner Program?

Sage Partner Portal

Sign in to the Partner portal to access your sales enablement tools to create new opportunities, manage customer related information and drive your business.

Partner support resources

Access to sales, marketing, and technical resources to manage and develop your sales as well as a Marketing Development fund for top tiers.

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