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Data Care

Payroll & HR

Backup and recovery solutions to ensure anytime, anywhere access to your Sage MicrOpay payroll system.

Our Sage Data Care service enables you to backup, protect and store your payroll data automatically in a secure off-site data vault, which you can access anytime.

This is helpful in situations such as disaster recovery when your onsite systems are out of action.

There are two Sage Data Care options available depending on the level of service you require.

  • Sage Data Care online replication, storage and recovery service is suitable for businesses that are looking for a secure and complete off-site payroll data backup and remote server access for data recovery.
  • Sage Data Care recovery only service is suitable if your business already has secure and accessible off-site backup procedures in place. Our recovery only service provides you remote server access to Sage MicrOpay’s Payroll Online, where you can upload your recovered data and run your payroll as normal.

Key Functionality

  • Automated data backup: Our backup and recovery agent configures your payroll backups to occur continuously to meet recovery point and recovery time objectives.
  • Simple web based management: Easily access, manage and monitor the entire data protection workflow from a dedicated web portal.
  • Comprehensive data protection: Advanced encryption in transit and off-site storage keeps your payroll data secure.
  • Quick recovery from anywhere: Recover your payroll data quickly anytime from any location with an internet connection, even when your systems are not available.