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Sage Data Care Key Features

Payroll & HR

Sage Data Care Key Features

Protect your critical payroll data and enjoy flexible, automated backup and recovery solutions.

Our Sage Data Care backup service is powered by HP LiveVault, a market leading secure cloud data protection service.

Fully automated and continuous backups

Reduce the administrative overhead of managing your payroll backup process in-house with fully automated and continuous backups.

Regular automated and continuous backups are run through the LiveVault secure cloud so that your business can meet recovery point and recovery time objectives and business continuity requirements. Continuous backups let you choose the exact version of a file to recover from numerous points in time versions.

To ensure that your payroll data is protected as it is created, our service gives you the ability to set frequent backup intervals.

Simple management through a dedicated web porta

Easily track your payroll data through a dedicated web portal. The entire data protection workflow – backups, off-site storage and recovery of data – can all be managed and monitored in your portal at any time.

Comprehensive Data Protection off-site

Payroll data is moved off-site to secure, mirrored data centres in Australia and is completely secure and protected every step of the way, using strict procedures, protocols and standards.

Advanced encryption is used from transit to storage to ensure maximum protection of your payroll data.

Quick recovery from anywhere

Access your payroll data from anywhere through the dedicated web portal. This is a feature of our online replication, storage and recovery service. Your business can recover specific data required to meet your Recovery Point objectives.

When unexpected incidents prevent access to your own server or system, we provide business continuity with remote access to our Private Cloud server, where your data is recovered to a stand-by Sage MicrOpay application. If you are using our recovery only service, you will be able to upload your data backup to our Private Cloud server and run your payroll.