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Database Services

HandiSoft Consulting

Thinking of changing your software package? Our professional services team can help you with migrating your data and  databases.

Database Services

Moving or changing large amounts of data can be very time consuming and an inefficient use of staff time. Let us assist by using our custom tools to do the work for you. Whether it be joining databases together (merges), separating them apart (splits), deleting bulk amounts of data, importing additional information, migrating your whole database from another software package or simply correcting the case of the text to make it standard we can help with it all.

Database Migrations

Are you thinking of changing your software package to Sage HandiSoft?

We understand the value that you have built up in your client data - and why so many practices are hesitant to change their software. For this reason, we have placed special emphasis on making the transition to Sage HandiSoft a breeze.

To ensure the integrity of your data, we have created tools to migrate information from many commonly used taxation, client accounting and practice management packages. The methodology used by our Professional Services team has been proven in hundreds of new Sage HandiSoft practices.

We can migrate client record data from MYOB AE & AO, Xlon Contacts, APS, Elite and TaxCat software. We can also migrate Tax and Asset data from MYOB AE (Solution 6 or Ceedata / Xlon).

Database Imports

Do you want to import extra data from another database into Sage HandiSoft?

Items such as Addresses, Phone numbers, Email addresses, Partner, Manager and Office references are just some of the data we can import.

Database Merges

Are you a Sage HandiSoft user that's merging with another Sage HandiSoft site?

Let us assist you by firstly, overcoming the duplicate reference code issue.

We can merge HandiTax and HandiLedger data into an existing Sage HandiSoft database and have you up and running quickly.

If you're a Sage HandiSoft client that purchased another practice using different software, we can migrate the data and then merge this with your existing Sage HandiSoft database.

Database Proper Case

Is your Sage HandiSoft database currently a mixture of UPPER, lower and Proper Case client details?

Sage HandiSoft Professional Services offer a fast, economical solution to correct your client database so that your client records are in Proper Case format throughout the entire database.

This solution gives your database a consistent, professional look and gives your practice a standard format to follow.

Database Splits

Do you and your business partner want to separate your Sage HandiSoft database to setup your own practices?

Let us assist you in this process by deleting the clients belonging to a partner in the Sage HandiSoft database.

You can then take just your clients to your new practice.