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HandiSoft Compliance Modules

Sage HandiBiz is an easy-to-use accounting software for small businesses that exchanges transactions seamlessly with HandiLedger. 

Wouldn't life be easier if you and your customers worked on the same chart of accounts?

HandiBiz is an easy-to-use small business accounting system designed to work with HandiLedger.

It features a simple "single-click" data transfer with HandiLedger, which makes it easy for you and your clients to work together, and with accuracy.

In conjunction with its Debtors, Creditors and Stock Control module (Handi Debtors), HandiBiz is the perfect solution for your small business clients who want to complete their BAS quickly and easily. Because HandiBiz is similar in design and operation to HandiLedger, you'll find it very simple to assist your clients in most day-to-day situations.

Key Features

  • Link seamlessly to HandiLedger and HandiDebtors. Data integrity controls ensure that all transactions are always synchronised perfectly with HandiLedger.
  • Data transfers can be performed in seconds by email or on diskette - transfer processes have been designed to make it simple for any client to perform them, even with the most basic computer skills.
  • You can log on in "Accountant mode" with advanced functionality to perform maintenance at the client's premises (e.g. making changes to the chart of accountants).
  • Operates similarly to HandiLedger (up to the Trial Balance stage), making it easier for you to guide your clients.
  • All key GST operations are handled automatically, with tax rates and GST accounts (for BAS reporting) configured in the Chart of Accountants created by you in HandiLedger.
  • Supports divisional accounting.
  • Client transactions are numbered distinctively from general ledger entries.
  • You retain complete control over critical activities, such as journal entries and depreciation schedules.
  • Design for ease of operation, even by novice users.
  • Imports downloaded electronic banking statement data.