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HandiTax tax lodgement software

HandiSoft Compliance Modules

Easily manage tax returns with Australia’s most popular electronic lodgement software.

HandiTax helps your accounting practice process client tax returns more productively than ever before.

Create, lodge and track tax returns quickly and accurately within Australia using HandiTax’s outstanding range of features. Simple and easy-to-use, new HandiTax users tell us that they can enter a client's details, complete and lodge their first return in just 10 minutes.

The most widely used taxation and ELS software package in Australia now supports Standard Business Reporting.

So what makes HandiTax so popular ?

The answer is simple : accuracy, reliability, ease of use, power and of course, value.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Prepare, lodge and track IAS, BAS, FBT and tax returns for Individual’s, Companies, Partnerships, Trusts, Funds SMSF’s and Trusts including prior years.
  • HandiTax can receive data seamlessly from other modules, such as BAS details from HandiLedger, so there's no need to ever re-key the software.
  • HandiTax displays a dynamically updated tax estimate as you complete individual and company forms.
  • HandiTax software is programmed so that all fields are configured to accept valid values only, reducing the likelihood of errors.
  • Comprehensive error reporting highlights errors in all forms ‘on the fly’ – so you can correct errors as you go along. Error reports include relevant information from the Tax Agents’ Guide.
  • HandiTax allows you to edit returns in a logical order and multiple returns can be attached to clients. With our tax preparation software, you have easy access to supporting worksheets from within forms - you can instantly drop into a more detailed view.