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Product highlights

Sage HandiSoft Practice Manager contains four powerful components for reducing administrative overheads and controlling your practice. Each has been designed specifically to help your practice easily perform day-to-day tasks. Practice Manager is "client-centric” practice management software for accountants, featuring a control centre that lets you manage all aspects of your client and team interactions with just a few mouse clicks. You can create "quick launch" icons for all of your HandiSoft modules (including previous years' HandiTax versions), as well as other installed applications. Fully integrated document management functionality is available to purchasers of the Document Manager module.

Contact Manager

Contact Manager is a complete desktop information package that includes client and contact databases, to-do lists and electronic diaries that can be shared across your accounting practice. It provides practice-wide access to file notes and can export diary events directly into timesheets for maximum administrative efficiency.

Contact Manager syncs diary and contact details with Microsoft Outlook, so accounting professionals using users of smartphones can take their current HandiSoft client and diary data with them on the road.

Jobflow Manager

Jobflow Manager makes it simple to monitor your accounting practice's workflow by job, task, due date, staff member, manager or partner. Jobflow Manager can alert you to resource bottlenecks so that you can set realistic target dates and, if necessary, take remedial action to ensure that tasks are completed on time.

With every member of your accounting practice reporting his or her progress through Jobflow Manager, you have a real-time view of how work is progressing. The Task Navigator screen makes it easy to view the status of all tasks within a job at a glance. Gantt charts display job scheduling details graphically, making it easy to identify dependencies and likely bottlenecks.

You can also use Sage HandiSoft’s Document Manager to attach relevant documents to tasks, as well as record any documents that are required to be completed as part of a task. If you're using Best Practice you can also link any of its procedures and checklists to tasks that you create.

Security Manager

Enlist Security Manager as your own in-house computer security expert to keep your accounting practice’s information assets safe. Security Manager is the easy way to meet important data security obligations under Australia's privacy legislation. Its simple user interface gives you precise control over the specific activities that staff members can perform with each HandiSoft module and on which client data. For maximum flexibility, you can assign permissions to both individuals and workgroups within your accounting practice.

Download Manager

One of the reasons why Sage HandiSoft is a market leader in tax accounting & practice management software is our commitment to continuous advancement. That’s why we developed Download Manager – to keep your software up to date without interrupting your work.

Simply check our website for updates to your licensed modules and download them in the background.