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Handisoft Time+Billing

HandiSoft Practice Management Modules

Record staff activity automatically, giving you a moment-by-moment view of work in progress. Manage your costs, improve efficiencies & manage debtors better.

Easily produce invoices, receipts and management reports

If your billing is a constant headache for your accounting practice, it’s time you took charge.

Time+Billing is an easy use product which gives you a complete billing and debtors management system with tools for tracking & charging client jobs and extensive management reporting.

Key Features

  • Bill whenever you like - no period or month-end closures.
  • Integrates with Sage HandiSoft’s optional Jobflow Manager to manage the completion of client work more efficiently.
  • Automatically insert standard paragraphs, define rates for client jobs or copy the narrative from previous invoices.
  • Group timesheet tracking, providing partners and managers with a visual indication of timesheet status throughout the practice.
  • Graphical timesheet tracking and ability to post a week’s entries.
  • Flexible timesheet entry which accepts units or start and finish times.
  • Facilitates fixed fee billing.

Product Details

With its open-item design, Time+Billing offers significant benefits to your accounting practice. All staff activity is recorded in the background, giving you a moment-by-moment view of work in progress. 

It also integrates with Sage HandiSoft Practice Manager to import events from the diary and place them in the timesheet. Optimise your practice management with this integrated billing software for accountants.

Manage your costs

  • Create management reports on work in progress (WIP), debtors and staff productivity. 
  • Enter timesheets, disbursements, WIP adjustments (write offs, adjusting DR/CR, opening Balances).
  • Invoices.
  • Receipts.
  • Debtor adjustments (bad debts, discounts, credit notes, adjusting DR/CR, opening balances).

Improve the efficiencies

  • Reporting wizard allows easy creation of up to five different reporting profiles, each defining a set of reports that can be generated periodically with a single click. For example, print weekly WIP together with aged debtors and staff productivity by partner. 
  • Batch printing of invoices and statements. 
  • Automatically allocate receipts to invoices and email receipts. 
  • Print deposit slips. 
  • Speed up invoice production using standard paragraphs and even automatically charge interest on overdue accounts or a surcharge for credit cards. 
  • All client output (such as invoices) is highly professional in appearance with email generation. 

Better debtor management

  • Time+Billing allows you to easily enter debtors’ adjustments, including bad debts, discounts, credit notes and opening entries. 
  • Remittance slips on invoice include BPAY option. (Bank approval is required before using BPAY.) 
  • A wide range of reports are available, allowing you to see your Time+Billing information in any level of detail - from a specific transaction type or client, through to all clients and all transaction types. You can even pinpoint clients with highly specific criteria, such as those with a debtor’s balance of more than $10,000, who have had an amount outstanding for more than 30 days.

Recover disbursements

  • Records disbursements made on the client’s behalf (e.g. ASIC fees paid or photocopying). Disbursements can be recorded as excluding or + GST 
  • Import disbursements from third-party products. 
  • GST automatically calculated when the WIP is invoiced.