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Pay Advices, folding machines and printing services so that your HR management team is covered for every pay run.

Sage Australia supplies a full range of payroll stationery, including customised and generic pay advices and payment summaries.

We also supply folding machines to help automate your payroll form processing.

  • For all business sizes: we have something for every business, whether your workforce is small or large.
  • Secure: ensure your pay advices and payment summaries are confidential with our secure seal products.
  • Compatible: our pay advices are designed and tested to be compatible for Sage MicrOpay and Sage WageEasy software, but we also have forms that are suitable for non-Sage payroll software.
  • Quick turnaround: we have warehouses across Australia ensuring that payroll stationary orders are delivered within 2 working days to metro areas.

Payroll products

We have different types of pay advice and payment summary forms to suit your security requirements, the software you use and your business size.

Secure forms

  • PayPlus peal and seal payroll forms are ideal for companies with up to 150 employees that require the confidence of security in this patented form.
  • Pressure seal forms folded with our Pressure Seal folding machines can not only securely seal your forms but save time and effort.

Press seal Forms

  • Ideal for companies that don’t need the total security of our secure payroll forms.
  • Easy to fold and seal.
  • Can be folded and sealed using a folding machine.

Folding Machines

Payslip folding machines that save time and money
Folding machines are available that will save time, effort and money for payroll form processing.

  • Desktop size
  • Easy to Use
  • Adjustable to suit your form and fold requirements
  • Folds up to 3,500 forms per hour