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Sage WageEasy Enhancements

Payroll & HR

 Sage WageEasy is a scalable, flexible and compliant HR management solution to meet your unique business needs. Here are some of the enhancements that can be used to extend your solution functionality.

Easy business analyser

Get a clearer picture of workforce costs and business performance with Sage WageEasy’s Easy Business Analyser. The Easy Business Analyser enhances the standard reporting capabilities of Sage WageEasy, enabling detailed analysis of labour costs across your business.

With Sage WageEasy Business Analyser you can:

  • Generate detailed HR reports in a convenient excel format.
  • Easily create and customise reports to cater to unique requirements.
  • Identify payroll trends at a glance using the dashboard view.

Employee Services Portal

Reduce paper-based HR processes and empower your employees to manage their own personal details with the Employee Services Portal.

Reduce paper-based HR processes:  Employee records, leave history and applications and pay advices can all be stored and managed in your Employee Services Portal.

Increase efficiency:  Your employees can access and update their key payroll information including personal details, payslips and leave records – reducing the HR management burden and payroll costs for your business.

Streamline leave applications and approvals:  Every step of the leave application process is handled within the portal.  Employees can apply for leave and have it quickly reviewed and approved by a manager using automated workflows.


Track employee work hours from any location using the timesheets enhancement.

Remote: Our remote timesheets enhancement is designed to seamlessly import timesheets from multiple locations into Sage WageEasy. An authorised employee at each location can enter time and data information for multiple employees, then import it directly into Sage WageEasy, removing the need to email or fax timesheets.

Online: Your employees can input their own hours into the timesheet for each pay period, allowing your business to quickly and accurately manage your remote employees. Managers are notified by email when a timesheet has been submitted to ensure that all work hours can be quickly approved and imported into Sage WageEasy in time for every pay run. 

Sage Express Super – Superannuation Clearing House

Sage Express Super is your path to easy superannuation processing.

As an additional Sage WageEasy enhancement, Sage Express Super minimises the time you spend on paying superannuation contributions and protects your business against non-compliance and processing errors.

Sage Express Super has been designed to accommodate all of the SuperStream changes and requirements, giving you peace of mind that your superannuation contributions will be processed in the formats required by the ATO.

Learn more about Express Super