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HandiSoft SQL Software Updates

During the year, we make adjustments to our software based on user feedback as well as urgent changes from the ATO or ASIC.

The resulting software updates ensure that any known software issues are resolved, and that our software is in sync with the ATO and ASIC gateways. It is thus essential that you are always running the latest version.

Latest update

HandiLedger 2019 Version 3.03

Release date: 26th  May, 2020

Note: Please go here for the non-SQL version updates.
Not sure which version you have? Call support 08 9245 0666.

Sage HandiSoft SQL 2019 Version 3.00

Click a link below to download and install 2019 Version 3.00 of the Sage HandiSoft products. 

 Sage HandiSoft SQL 2019 V3.00 Full Version Download
Sage HandiSoft SQL 2019 Workstation Installer Download

Sage HandiSoft SQL Upgrades

Current Upgrade Versions at 26th May, 2020
Product Version Date  Release notes
HandiTax SQL 3.03* 7/05/2020 Download
HandiLedger SQL 3.03* 26/05/2020 Download
Time Billing SQL 3.02* 18/05/2020 Download
HandiRegister SQL 3.00  12/02/2020 Download
HandiTrust SQL 3.00  12/02/2020 Download
SuperFund SQL 3.01* 20/05/2020 Download
Practice Manager - Contact SQL 3.02*  14/04/2020
Practice Manager - Security SQL 3.00  12/02/2020 Download
HandiAsset SQL 3.01*  18/05/2020
Document Manager SQL 3.01*  14/04/2020 Download
Notify SQL  3.00  12/02/2020 Download


* This web update should only be installed if 2019 Version 3.00 or later of the Sage HandiSoft software, including Document Manager, has been installed.

Best Practice

Current version of Best Practice 2019.
Product Version  Date  Release Notes
Best Practice 19.200*  5/06/2020 Download

* This web update should only be installed if 2019 Version 2.00 or later of the Sage HandiSoft software, including Document Manager, has been installed.

SQL Prior Year Software

The prior year SQL upgrades on the below list are incremental versions. Version 4.00 of the relevant year's HandiTax program must be installed prior to installation of these upgrades. Or else download the full version from the 'Full Version' table below.

Product Version   
HandiTax SQL 2017 3.01  Download 
HandiTax SQL 2016 4.04  Download 
HandiTax SQL 2015 4.05  Download 

Full Version Prior Year Software

The prior year upgrades on the below list are full versions. An installation from a HandiSoft Product CD is NOT required before installing.

Prior Year Software Version   
HandiTax 2018 SQL 4.00  Download 
HandiTax 2017 SQL 3.01  Download 
HandiTax 2016 SQL
4.04  Download 
HandiTax 2015 SQL
4.05  Download 
HandiTax 2014 SQL 4.01  Download 
HandiTax 2013 SQL 4.02  Download 
HandiTax 2012 SQL 4.01  Download 
HandiTax 2011 SQL 4.00  Download 
HandiTax 2010 SQL 4.00  Download 
HandiTax 2009 SQL 4.02  Download 
HandiTax 2008 SQL 4.00  Download 
HandiTax 2007 SQL 4.02  Download 
HandiTax 2006 SQL 4.01  Download 

Installation Information

Each of these prior year upgrades is in compressed zip file form. Please follow these instructions to install.

  1. Click on the relevant link above to start the software download.
  2. Save the file to a folder location that you can access.
  3. Once the download is complete navigate to the folder that the file was saved to, locate the downloaded zip file and extract the files to a folder.
  4. Open the folder containing the extracted files and double-click the setup.exe file. This will start the Product installation.