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Please find below the latest updates to Sage WageEasy. You can also find full release notes and download links.

2020 Updates

24 January - Version

This is an important and mandatory release for our Australia customers as it contains important compliance changes:

  • for Long Service Leave entitlement
  • enhancement to the Award Interpreter for Modern Award configuration

As well as these important changes, this release also includes:

  • changes and improvements for STP reporting
  • changes to reporting of Lump Sum Payments
  • new general ledger export file format for SAP Business 1 V9.3
  • security enhancements for the Report Designer
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Product Downloads

There are two installation options available, please click on the relevant link below to download the software.

For standard download, please use the download link below:

Download Standard Release

For those users with specific environmental constraints, please use the link below after consulting your IT personnel:

Download NoAdmin Release
Please note this software downloaded is provided in a ZIP file format. For further details upgrading from either the zip file or the new software installer, refer to e-Knowledge Answer Number 685 or perform a keyword search in the online portal using the keyword(s) upgrading, installation.

2019 Updates

18 July - Version

What is in this Sage WageEasy release?
In some instances, if a termination redundancy (Code R) has been paid with additional ETP components (Code O), only one record has been reported in STP. A change has been made to include both in STP reporting.

Do I need to install this Sage WageEasy release?

In instances where termination payment amounts exceed the redundancy tax-free limit, two ETP’s may be paid, Code R for the redundancy and Code O (eg. for payment in lieu of notice, unused sick or RDO leave). Currently, only one record is being reported in STP. This has been corrected in this Sage WageEasy release.

It is important that anyone who is reporting through STP and has processed terminations that include Code O and R ETP’s, upgrade prior to finalising STP reporting for 2018/19, to ensure all ETP records are reported correctly. If you believe you may have been affected, please upgrade.

Following the upgrade, please complete STP Update Event for the employees affected and mark as Final for 2018/19 financial year. No further adjustment to the payroll is required.

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17 June - Version

For our customers processing Australian payroll, this is an important and mandatory release because it includes: 

Tax changes for the new financial year, effective 1 July 2019:

  • A new tax scale for employees with Study & Training Support Loans (STSL) that replaces existing HELP/TSL/SSL and SFFS scales
  • Updated SGL quarterly thresholds, ETP caps and the ETP Lower Cap Amount.

Changes and new features to support STP Reporting:

  • New feature – Notifications within the software – updates, news and releases.
  • STP Reporting capabilities for all employer’s - mandatory from 1 July 2019
  • STP reporting of Employer Additional Superannuation contributions as Superannuation
  • STP Update – option to “Zero YTD Values’
  • The Pay Event Header has a new column for ATO Gross (excludes Lump Sum D).
  • STP Update Warning message that no Pay Events have been reported
  • Where an Award or Agreement stipulates a set dollar amount for SG (Superannuation contribution) and in Sage WageEasy you have the contribution setup as Employee Additional Contribution, you can now elect to report this as Super on STP reports
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18 Mar - Version 6.1.8032

This release contains important changes related to New Zealand payroll processing, as well as other changes and fixes.

For our customers processing New Zealand payroll, this is a mandatory release:

  • New features to support Payday filing, which becomes mandatory from 1 April 2019.
  • Termination Tax calculation change for last 4-week period when determining annualized gross.

Other enhancements:

  • Pegg, Sage’s smart assistance chatbot has been relocated with an icon on main screen.
  • A change for STP allowance reporting for Award Miscellaneous loadings.
  • A change to behavior and new option for allowance deductions around SG threshold and contributions.
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2018 Updates

24 Sep - Version 6.0.7917


Get your answers faster – with Pegg, Sage’s smart assistant chatbot

  • Minimise the need to contact support, by simply chatting to Pegg, our brand new online assistant that you can query directly in WageEasy. With hundreds of answers prepared from our top Customer Support queries and eKnowledge answers, you will be equipped to get answers faster.
  • Help Pegg grow, the bot gets smarter with every conversation and will learn answers to new questions that it hasn’t got the answer to yet.
  • You can ‘Ask Pegg a Question’ now in the Help Tab under ‘WageEasy on the Web’.

Single Touch Payroll Reporting functionality enhancements

  • Updates to STP reporting on cheque payments, negative OTE and added conditions for whether an employee appears in STP Update events.
  • Ability to exclude specific employees from STP Reporting.
  • Full-file replacement functionality, to enable a user to replace a pay event previously reported to the ATO.

Pacific Island updates

  • Databases now have a sub type option on employee super
  • New banking format
Download full release notes

18 Jun - Version

Changes & enhancements to all country databases:

  • New feature – Automatic printing of Payment Date on Payslips
  • STP Reporting – Pay Event
  • STP Reporting – Update Event
  • Australian Tax changes for the 2018/19 financial year
  • Fix – Change made to SG contributions in instances of employee 100% salary sacrifice
Download full release notes

1 Jun - Version

Changes & enhancements to all country databases:

  • New feature – Automatic printing of Payment Date on Payslips
  • STP Reporting – Pay Event
  • STP Reporting – Update Event
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15 Mar - Version

Changes & enhancements to all country databases:

  • New feature – End of Financial Year processing options when pays are paid in advance of pay period
  • New feature – Allowance functionality improvements
  • Superannuation guarantee gross threshold inclusions
  • New feature – Employee importer includes pro-rata leave
  • Empdupe file validation changes
  • Database speed improvements
  • Export format update to the Leave Entitlement by Employee & Date report
Download full release notes

Changes specific to Australian databases

Single Touch Payroll (STP) Reporting

Changes specific to New Zealand databases

New tax table PDL file effective 1 April 2018