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Tax and Productivity eSeminar

Welcome to our 2018 Tax & Productivity recordings.

For your convenience we have recorded the full session across a number of short videos so that you can view the content in bite sized chunks. Your access is for unlimited use within the practice so please share the link and watch as many times as you want.

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We would love to hear your feedback on this years’ presentation, we would appreciate if you could take just a minute or two to complete our feedback survey so we can keep improving.

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Video 1 - SBR Part 1

Video 2 - SBR Part 2

Video 3 - HandiTax 2017 and 2018 Changes

Video 4 - HandiTax Cloud

Video 5 - Single Touch Payroll

Video 6 - Productivity Tips : Other Modules

Video 7 - GDPR

Tax Legislation

Video 1 - Changes to the tax returns 2018

Video 2 - New rules for 2018

Video 3 - Other points of interest

Video 4 - Superannuation 2018

Video 5 - Federal budget highlights