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Experiencing Sage WageEasy Error Messages?

Here are some common messages you may receive when running your STP reporting and how to resolve them.

Entering credentials > Outdated operating system

Error: Unknown Error

Resolution: Outdated operating system without .Net 4.5.1 or higher installed – resolved by installing .NET or using another PC

Pay event > Invalid characters

Error: Invalid characters Value (02)-98845400 is not valid with respect to pattern ‘[(0-9 A/Zs])”for type ‘TelephoneMinimalNElectronicContact’. The value “029884400” of element ….invalid

Resolution: Any character other than numeric will cause error including a space i.e. ( ) - # in the phone number in the table. Please re-key the phone number in company details.

Status Message Definitions

At the time of submitting your STP pay event or update event these are the status messages you may receive and what they mean.

Status Description
Not Reported The message has been generated in Sage WageEasy, but has not yet been reported to the ATO.
Pending The message has been reported, i.e. the user has clicked Report to ATO/Update ATO, but it has not been received by the ATO or the Sage STP Gateway.
  • The Pay Event has not reached the Gateway
  • Customers should check that the connection to the Sage Gateway is working correctly by going into STP Setup and pressing ‘Test Connection’
  • The Pay Event will continue to be ‘re-tried’ each time the user goes into STP Reporting screen
  • Please check the following:
  • Network or SQL server connection issues – Product Delivery has resolved these by using another PC for reporting
  • Outdated operating system without .Net 4.5.1 or higher installed – resolved by installing .NET or using another PC
  • Citrix environment with manual proxy settings required to access the network – resolved by adding a firewall rule or proxy bypass

To allow WageEasy to use the ATO gateway API, please enable outgoing connections on port 443 from “C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage WageEasy Payroll\MCS\MicropayClientServicesService.exe” (default installation location) to the following URL:

The specifics for how to enable this on your firewall / proxy depend on the vendor, and unfortunately, we are unable to provide a range of IP addresses. You should be able to set up a DNS rule to allow outgoing connections to “*” or “” - the only services required are HTTPS/SSL (port 443).

In Progress Sage WageEasy is in the process of sending the message to the Sage STP Gateway.
Failed Validation: Gateway The message has been sent to the Sage STP Gateway but a problem with the content has prevented it from being passed to the ATO. More detail about the cause is shown after the message, e.g. Failed Validation Gateway: Invalid ABN.
Connection Error Sage WageEasy could not connect to the Sage STP Gateway due to a network issue. Sage WageEasy will attempt to resend the message the next time that the STP Reporting window is opened.
Received at Gateway: awaiting response The message has been sent on from the Sage STP Gateway but confirmation not yet received that the file has been successfully sent to the ATO.
ATO Retry Pending The message was received by the Sage STP Gateway but has not been successfully sent to the ATO. The Sage STP Gateway will automatically continue to resend the message, however if a major outage is detected at the ATO it may be cancelled.
Cancelled The message was received at the Sage STP Gateway but will not be processed further due to an error either at the Sage STP Gateway or the ATO. The message may need to be resent to Sage WageEasy, or included in the next Pay Event/Update Event.
Partial Success The message was accepted by the ATO, but contains some individual records that could not be processed due to validation errors, e.g. an employee has an invalid TFN. More detail about the error is shown in the Pay Event Details grid, per employee.
Not Sent - Internet Connection Issue The message could not be sent due to an issue with the internet connection. The error will contain more detail about the issue can be potentially be resolved, e.g. check network settings.
Success: Message Accepted The message has been received and accepted by the ATO. It can take up 72 hours for the ATO to confirm receipt of an Event.
Unknown Error This status indicates an unexpected response from either the Sage STP Gateway or the ATO. It may not be caused by an issue with the message itself, more so it is an issue in Sage WageEasy, with the Sage STP Gateway or with the ATO.

Still have questions?

Contact Support via our courtesy call back feature.

To ensure that you retain your place in the queue we have implemented Courtesy Call back. This replaces the voicemail system. To receive a call back please ensure when prompted to register for a courtesy call back please provide all details requested and do not hang up. Ensure you complete all steps to register your call until advised your call is registered. If all details such as Customer Number, Phone number and your name are not all recorded the system is unable to register you for a call back.

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