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Apprenticeships at Sage


Learn, study, and gain real-world experience on the job.

No degree? No problem.

University isn’t the only path to your career at Sage. As a Sage apprentice, you will learn while you earn with hands-on job training mixed with classroom learning. And at the end, you’ll gain a formal qualification. With locations such as the UK, France, and even Germany – you can take your career global.

We empower our team to provide the best for our customers. Our Flexible Human Work hybrid framework has unlocked more power in the hands of colleagues. You can do your best work, wherever you are. You will also get five personal development days, which you can use to boost your skills and industry knowledge. We also give all our colleagues five days a year to volunteer – what will you do with yours? We’ve reimagined work so you can learn, grow, and be recognized for your accomplishments.

After the Apprenticeship

Here, the possibilities are endless. With work experience from a global leader like Sage on your side, you can take your career anywhere you want. You'll be the next generation at Sage, delivering outstanding customer service across the globe. Don’t be afraid to dream big – your post-graduate role can be what you make of it!

A Sage apprenticeship could lead you to several career paths. Some of our programs are rotational in nature, giving you access to a wide variety of departments. You may end up choosing to work in a department that you had never considered before! Examples of post-apprenticeship roles include customer service agent, people business partner, associate project manager, as well as business or finance analyst.

Recruitment Process

Recruitment usually takes place between March and August, with our apprentices joining in October (although this does vary from country to country). You will find apprenticeship opportunities on our careers page where you can apply online. We offer opportunities throughout the world, so be sure to check out each application date as these do vary by country.

Once our Early Careers team reviews your application and finds that your experience and interests correspond to your desired role, you will be shortlisted to advance to the next stage. This will involve an interview, which is a great opportunity for you to showcase your skills and let your talent shine. From there, we will consider you for an internship position if you’re successful.

Once you start, you'll be paired with a buddy. They will help you navigate your next adventure by supporting you with your responsibilities in your new and exciting role!

Case study

Apprentice case study: Max Dunn – Sales Apprentice

 After completing my college course in 2021, I stepped out into the world completely unaware of what my next move would be. I had studied photography throughout college but had lost my burning passion for the subject over time. This left me with nothing but creativity and ambition. So, I used this to my advantage and viewed this freedom as a chance to begin building on skills that would benefit me in the working world.

What do you enjoy the most about your role at Sage?

Being a sales apprentice with the Loyalty team has opened doors to so many amazing opportunities. For instance, on a daily basis I get the chance to help business owners manage their subscriptions and support them to ensure they can run their bookkeeping as smoothly as possible. Helping them get to the bottom of a problem is a super rewarding feeling. I also get to surround myself with the friendliest people who are always more than happy to help, which has assisted me to develop my social skills in ways I never thought imaginable.

What has been a highlight in your role?

The biggest highlight of my time at Sage so far would definitely be attending the British LGBT awards in London and supporting Vicky Rowland (Talent Acquisition Partner, UK) in her nomination. Prior to June 2022, I would have written this experience off as a dream, but it actually happened! Thanks to Sage, I attended an awards ceremony full of LTGBTQI+ icons such as Tom Daley, LouLou, Steps, and so many more. I also got to hear everyone’s inspiring, heartfelt speeches in person. Ending the night with a dance and chance to network definitely topped off this experience and cemented it into my memories forever.

What does a typical day look like for you?

On a daily basis, I talk to a number of customers either on webchat or on the phone and I assist them in managing their subscription with Sage. My role would not be the same without my team. We rely on each other for information and laughs, and I am lucky to get to spend every day around such friendly people. There really is a sense of community at Sage that I personally have not experienced anywhere else.

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