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Internships at Sage


Are you currently studying and hoping to gain some relevant work experience?  Are you considering a career change and seeking experience within a multinational business?  If so, our internship schemes may be for you.

Make a valuable contribution, and gain practical skills

Sage internships usually last between one and twelve months, and are offered part-time during a university semester, and full-time during vacation periods.

Our internships provide practical skills that will clearly benefit you and your education.  Internships at Sage are offered on a paid basis, unless alternative payment mechanisms are in place.

As an intern you will be making a valuable contribution to one of our varied teams around the globe.  Our internship schemes include a fast start onboarding into roles within our organisation allowing you to make a significant contribution to our business quickly.

Sage offers internships in a wide variety of locations worldwide, including UK, USA, France, Germany, Australia and Singapore.

After the Internship

We’re looking for the next generation of business builders, passionate about delivering outstanding customer experience the world over, whilst benefiting from excellent work experience with a FTSE 100 company.  It may be possible for you to secure an early offer to a Sage graduate scheme after completion of your internship.  This is a competitive process and will depend upon availability in-region.  We encourage previous interns to help promote careers at Sage on-campus.

Recruitment Process

Internship intake dates vary from country to country, but most regions will start recruiting for graduates between September and December of each year. Interns will then join Sage in the following calendar year.

Internship opportunities will be advertised on our careers website, and applications should be made online.

After application, candidates will complete a series of assessments and telephone/video interviews. One of our recruitment team will then contact you to confirm whether you have been shortlisted for assessment center.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend a half or full-day assessment center at a Sage office site. The assessment center will normally contain a range of team and individual activities. The assessment center is also a great opportunity for candidates to find out more about careers at Sage, and the internship experience.

Case study

Tom Borthwick: Software Engineering Intern – Manchester UK

Tom SouthwickWhat have you been involved in in your internship to date?

I am now integrated into my team after completing initial training. I have completed my first task independently, and this has given me a big confidence boost.

I have been involved in the planning and designing stage of a new project, and we have just started the actual development stage – which means that I am now being involved in pair programming and being assigned my own tasks as part of a fully functional scrum team.

In what way do you feel that this internship will benefit you?

I feel that the skills, knowledge and real-world experience will benefit me on both a professional and personal level. I’m learning new coding languages, skills and practices every single day which is boosting my CV. I also feel that being to say I’m working on the front line developing new products for such a big company as Sage is just a huge boost. Being given so much responsibility as an intern can be daunting but it is equally as rewarding for my self-esteem and overall belief in my own abilities.

Have you felt well supported in your internship so far?

Everyone in the workplace wants the best from and try to help as much as they can. The entire team that I’m working in act as mentors, which is amazing because I can talk to any of my team on a personal level and get advice. I’m also being given the freedom to oversee my own learning which means I don’t ever feel restricted on what I can gain from this internship.

What are you plans after your internship has been completed?

After my internship, I will go back to my University at York and finish the final year of my Computer Science degree. After that I will begin looking for graduate jobs with an extremely boosted CV and a huge amount of real-world experience that I have gained from Sage. However, I do hope to make enough of an impact to be offered a job at Sage at the end of it!

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