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The BOSS Network

Knocking Down Barriers with The BOSS Network

Black women are America’s fastest-growing demographic of entrepreneurs but have also been hardest hit by the pandemic. We partnered with The BOSS Network for a three-year program to tackle inequality, provide support and guidance during the pandemic and beyond, and help black women achieve their goals with everything they need to successfully start a new business.



How The BOSS Network is creating more opportunities for black women

Business and financial coaching to help small business owners make an impact with products and services geared towards their long-term growth

The BOSS network, an online community of professional and entrepreneurial women, is available to help people support each other through networking, content, and online and offline engagement

Provide education, information, and resources to members of The BOSS Network

How Sage will help

Year 1

We’re investing $500,000 to provide $10k grants for 25 black women small business owners, plus a one-year business mentoring program for all 25 students via a scholarship to the BOSS Business University.

Year 2 and 3

We’ll be repeating the same level of grant funding awards and a year of business mentoring to black women small business owners.

A future of equality

Our work to knock down barriers and reach equality doesn’t stop here. We’re working with even more partners to help underrepresented communities start successful businesses.

Explore our pillars

Tech for Good

We are committed to building a trusted and inclusive digital network. Through our Tech for Good pillar, we want to ensure everyone has equal opportunities to access life-changing data and technology, while championing data protection, security, and the ethical use of customer data.

Protect the planet

Our Protect the Planet pillar is our commitment to fight climate change. We are delivering on it by halving our own emissions by 2030, becoming net zero by 2040, supporting SMBs to get to net zero, and by advocating for regulatory frameworks to support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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