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Connect Your Supply Chain on the Cloud

Edisoft’s Order Management (Merchant Cloud) and Order Fulfillment (Quikpak) products automate and orchestrate supply chain transactions from PO to invoice and can be seamlessly connected to Sage 300 and other supply chain applications. Edisoft’s products are easy to use and can be accessed through web and mobile devices.

Orchestrate, Automate, and Connect Your Supply Chain with Edisoft’s Cloud-Connected Supply Chain Solution

Today, more than ever, the pressure on distributors and manufacturers to meet the supply chain requirements of their trading partners and customers is at an all-time high, and the success of these relationships is reliant on the systems that simplify order management and order fulfillment processes. For the past decade, Edisoft and Sage have successfully delivered innovative supply chain technology that drives real-time data integration, improves order and shipment visibility, and enables end-to-end business process automation and orchestration. 

With Edisoft, you can achieve industry-leading…

  • Orchestration: Unify and integrate business process workflows across disparate applications and systems, based on industry-standard operating procedures, and with zero software coding, extract-transform-load, or data mapping tools.
  • Automation: Zero rekeying of data and no need for manual intervention between front-office and back-office business processes, for a completely autonomous user experience.

  • Connectivity: Employ configurable and menu-driven connections, for applications and systems, via REST - whether in the Cloud, On Premise, or a Hybrid IT environment.

Why Choose Edisoft?



Leverage the benefits of an end-to-end, cloud-connected supply chain platform – seamlessly connected to Sage 300 and other supply chain applications of your choice.

  • Deploy rapidly and minimize the complexity of system or application maintenance, migrations, and upgrades as your business grows. Whichever Sage ERP you’re on today, or are looking to move onto tomorrow, Edisoft’s unique connectivity means you can do so with ease while ensuring the industry’s highest return on investment.
  • Eliminate data rekeying and reduce the number of steps required to process more Orders, Shipments, and Invoices with fewer FTEs !
  • Achieve ERP, EDI, and Carrier Compliance through a single, end-to-end order fulfillment process that follows industry best practices and improves visibility throughout the OTC cycle.

With Edisoft, you can also :

  • Make faster, better-informed decisions for your supply chain (e.g. sales capacity, inventory replenishment, etc.)
  • Execute ERP processes in real-time to generate an irrefutable audit trail and improve reporting
  • Eliminate the need for 3rd party portals, like CommerceHub, as a result of consolidating order management and order fulfillment workflows
  • Onboard your trading partners faster, per vendor guidelines and specifications
  • Use one portal to manage multiple carrier services for all shipment types (Small Parcel, FTL, LTL) as a result of integration to ProcessWeaver CMS

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