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Endowments and Perpetuity in the Nonprofit Sector

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Investment, withdrawal, and usage – what’s new?

Over the past year, the spotlight in the charitable and nonprofit sector in Canada has been focused on key policy issues related to the flow of funding - changes to the disbursement quota and regulations related to giving (direction and control), to name but two. Throughout the debate a wide range of thinking has surfaced with a common theme related to attitudes and opinions about 'perpetuity'. These viewpoints have highlighted the need for a discussion about endowments as a form of philanthropy and surfaced important topics - immediate need versus long term benefit, anticipating future societal needs, and the role of equity.

In this webcast - presented by Imagine Canada and Sage Canada - join Bruce MacDonald, President & CEO of Imagine Canada, and a panel of experts as they discuss a diverse range of opinions and perspectives on one of the sectors hottest topics. Organizations of all sizes will walk away from this session with fresh perspectives that can help them think about their own fundraising strategies and approaches.

Panelists include Tina Thomas (CEO, Edmonton Community Foundation), Jean-Marc Mangin (President & CEO, Philanthropic Foundations Canada) and Preeti Gill (Sr. Manager - Philanthropy, Covenant House Vancouver).

Meet the featured speakers on this special occasion

Our panel of experts will discuss a diverse range of opinions and perspectives on one of the sectors hottest topics - endowments as a form of philanthropy.
Imagine Canada

30 years working with organizations that provide services to young people, older adults, persons with disabilities, and community groups have led Bruce to Imagine Canada and leader in this sector.

Bruce MacDonald
President & CEO
Edmonton Community Foundation

After spending over a decade at Edmonton Public Library, leading their award-winning rebranding project that helped transform the perception and use of EPL, Tina’s now the CEO at ECF.

Tina Thomas

Jean-Marc passionately leads PFC, a national network of family, independent and corporate grantmakers, which includes many of the largest private charitable foundations in Canada.

Jean-Marc Mangin
President & CEO

With pandemic restrictions coming to end and the return of in-person events, the past year has given us the opportunity to (finally!) reconnect with our peers. But it has also been a year of challenges for our sector: inflation, rising demand, and staff shortages have forced nonprofits—already stretched thin—to do even more with less.

Imagine Canada


Bruce MacDonald
President & CEO, Imagine Canada

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