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Join the hundreds of thousands Canadian small businesses that rely on Sage 50cloud Accounting software to :
  • Easily organize your business finances, invoicing and inventory.
  • Understand your customers, expenses and cash flow.
  • Send invoices, track expenses, and accept online payments from anywhere.
  • Efficiently and cost effectively pay employees in house.


No credit card required.
All data entered during your trial download is maintained when you purchase.

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Sage 50cloud is supported by Canada's largest network of accountants and bookkeepers.


Try it for 60 days to see if it's right for your business ; we'll refund your money if you're not satisfied2

Used by hundreds of thousands of Canadian small businesses

To learn more or to begin using Sage 50cloud Accounting in your business today, call 1-888-261-9610.


Customer Support will assist with one call to set up the sample company for a single installation on one computer. We do not support Sage 50 trial version.

The system requirements for the trial are the same as those needed for full product versions. Please review the System Requirements for the different Sage 50cloud versions.

Only one trial version can be installed on one computer. To try another version, please install it on a computer that has not had another Sage 50cloud trial version installed or uninstalled previously.

Sage 50cloud Pro Accounting offers a single user license. Sage 50cloud Premium Accounting and Sage 50cloud Quantum Accounting are limited to two user licenses for the trial version.

Sage 50cloud includes a wizard to help you import information from several other small business accounting products. If you use your real company data file during the trial, make regular backups of your data so that you can easily revert back to an earlier “save”. Having recent backup copies makes it easy to undo any changes that you decide not to keep.

Please note : At this time, data can be imported from QuickBooks and MYOB ; however, certain conditions and limitations apply, please read the following Knowledgebase Articles:

  • Converting your QuickBooks data to Sage 50cloud Accounting (search for Answer ID 260-24184)
  • Converting MYOB data to Sage 50cloud Accounting (search for Answer ID 19500)

For any other software, you would have to create your company file from scratch.

You can open your company data file using the trial version ; however, please make a backup of your company data prior to using it with trial. This is particularly important if your trial copy is a higher version of Sage 50cloud (e.g., if you own Sage 50cloud Pro Accounting and have installed a trial copy of Sage 50cloud Premium Accounting) ; once you upgrade a database to a higher version of Sage 50cloud, you cannot downgrade it to your regular full version. You would have to restore your most recent backup and re-enter any work done since. Data cannot be downgraded.

Yes, you can use your trial company data after you purchase Sage 50cloud, provided you are using the same version or a higher one. For example, if your trial version was Sage 50cloud Pro Accounting and then you decided to purchase Sage 50cloud Pro Accounting or Sage 50cloud Premium Accounting, you would be able to open your company data.

You can install the trial on a computer where it was not installed before (the trial version will not work on the same computer). There is no extension of the trial period ; however, if you still get the message, please call a Sage 50cloud representative at 1-888-261-9610 and talk to a Sales Associate to discuss your options.

To uninstall your trial version, close any open Sage 50cloud software on your computer and do the following : In Windows, open the Windows Control Panel and find the Add/Remove/Uninstall feature appropriate to the Windows operating system you use, then double-click Add or Remove Programs. Select the product you want to uninstall, click Change/Remove, and then follow the onscreen instructions.

Sage 50cloud is not compatible with Mac OS and is not designed or tested for Mac Parallels. However, we do have some customers that have had success using Parallels. Customers using Sage 50cloud Accounting on a Mac assume all related risks. For Mac users, Sage offers Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Please call a Sage 50cloud representative at 1-888-261-9610 to make your purchase and you will be given a serial number and activation key (Key Code). To unlock the full version, you will need to enter this information in Sage 50cloud. To do this, open the Help menu and select Upgrade your Sage 50cloud Product.


  1. Based on independent surveys of 279 Canadian small businesses (conducted 2/13) and 407 Canadian accountants who work with small business clients (conducted 9/14).
  2. For first time customers only. Provide Sage notice of cancellation within 60 days of purchase with the original dated receipt for a full refund.