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Procession Process Manufacturing

Procession Process Manufacturing

Procession is a chemical industry solution designed exclusively for Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management, addressing the unique needs of chemical manufacturers and distributors. Procession is a fully integrated solution that runs seamlessly within Enterprise Management, without additional hardware or third party application to install and maintain. Procession becomes part of Enterprise Management, accessible from any Enterprise Management session.


  • Keep compliance with regulatory requirements of the industry
  • Streamlined production, inventory control, distribution, and financial tasks


  • Global harmonization (GHS) functionality
  • QC sample tracking and analysis
  • Bill of Landing (BOL) Enhancements – DOT proper shipping, weights by hazard class
  • R&D formulation
  • Chemical properties
  • Batch Ticket
  • GHS Data Library
  • Regulatory
  • Productivity Enhancements

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