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QBuild CADLink

QBuild CADLink

QBuild CADLink directly links any CAD program to Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management, ensuring you have accurate and up-to-date BOMs at all times. CADLink eliminates duplicate data entry, frees engineers’ time, boosts overall accuracy, and leads to less scrap, more on-time shipments, and a rapid return on investment.


  • Automated data transfer eliminates time-consuming duplicate data entry
  • Direct integration eliminates clerical errors and increases accuracy
  • Free engineering resources to focus on value-added tasks
  • Increase on time shipments through faster production cycles
  • Reduce scrap through fewer errors and data validation
  • Improve documentation and communication with change summary report
  • Boost purchasing accuracy through access to up-to-date component data
  • Minimal IT impact – no additional server or database components
  • Increase the speed of data flow from sales to engineering, purchasing, and production
  • Boost product quality with accurate BOM data in your ERP
  • Collaboration benefits from having a single version of engineering data
  • Rapid ROI – the typical payback is less than 3 months


  • Directly integrates Enterprise Management with the CAD, PDM, and PLM of your choice
  • Real time, two-way data synchronization
  • Updates products, product sites, and production BOMs in Enterprise Management directly from the CAD
  • Highly visual and intuitive interface displays BOM changes and data discrepancies
  • Color-coded, side-by-side comparison of BOM data and discrepancies
  • Generate one-click BOM change summary report
  • Automatic data validation and error notification
  • Direct PDM/Vault integration available
  • Direct PLM integration available

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