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Canonical innovates in HR with Sage People

Canonical UK Ltd - United Kingdom

HR solution to manage workforce transforming how Canonical acquires, engages, manages and develops their employees. 

The company outgrows its existing HR systems

Canonical is a computer software company behind the Ubuntu open-source operating system. As it grew from a start up to a 600-strong business it realised that it had to replace its home-grown software and manual spreadsheets, that had become unreliable and time consuming, with a single company-wide HR system from Sage People.

We got to the point where we could not scale, we simply could not move forward in what we wanted to achieve with our previous set of systems.

Steve George
former Vice President of Operations

A centralised and flexible HR system

Sage People provided an HR system that was flexible, automated workflows and could be integrated into other software packages. It cleaned Canonical’s HR data, which was stored in multiple locations and ensures that HR records are accurate and up to date saving the IT team time.

I have had to put in far less effort to keep the system up and running.

Steve George
former Vice President of Operations

Centralised system to drive innovation

Canonical plans to use talent-management capabilities to record and track employees, skills and development plans, and training preferences. They also plan to develop the platform by centralising the payroll reporting across 20 countries and to track pensions, making sure the system can help the business innovate in the training and development of its people.

Ultimately it is about being able to successfully drive innovation in the business. We need to understand what people are interested in and how they are motivated.

Steve George
former Vice President of Operations

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