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Business finance experts, Dales Finance, simplify their software with Sage Accounting

Dales Finance Ltd - United Kingdom

Dales Finance offers financial advice and guidance to growing businesses. They match each business with an appropriate lender to offer a range of financial solutions.

Sage Accounting works from the outset

Richard Holling, owner of Dales Finance, received many software recommendations when he set up the firm, but for a range of standalone apps that did not integrate and required separate subscriptions. Wanting something simple to use and worked out of the box, Richard chose Sage Accounting and has used it ever since.

I’ve only ever used Sage. I made sure I had a good accounting package from day one, one that’s built on experience.

Richard Holling

Sage Accounting makes business life easier, more efficient

Richard Holling appreciates that by choosing Sage, he has saved around 75% compared to using multiple apps, but the benefits don’t end there. The user-friendly nature of Sage made new tasks, such as setting up payroll, a breeze and integration with HMRC, streamlined the submission process. 

Sage Accounting does the core things I need; I can manage my invoices, I can manage my payables, I can do everything.

Richard Holling

Sage Accounting works – anywhere

With Sage Accounting, Dales Finance can carry out accounting tasks from anywhere, on any device, and integrate processes (such as submissions to HMRC) to save time and enhance accuracy. Because Sage Accounting is based online, ready to use and comes with supporting information, including videos, it works out of the box and has given Richard and his clients peace of mind.

It’s just a very easy system to use. Sage Accounting does it for me!

Richard Holling

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