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Skoah cleanses its financial reporting with Sage Intacct

Canadian skincare brand scales and avoids 40 hrs/week in outsourced data entry using Sage software

Finding headroom for a growing business

Skoah’s product line grew from five items in 2002 to over 60 in 10 years, while the business also opened over a dozen retail spa locations throughout Canada. As Skoah prepared to expand to the United States, it faced major financial management complexities that its QuickBooks accounting software simply could not accommodate.

The truth is, we were drowning in QuickBooks before we switched to Sage Intacct.

Chris Scott

Managing growth with ease

Since graduating to Sage Intacct, Skoah has expanded dramatically, doubling its retail footprint, and embarking on an aggressive franchise expansion that should triple its retail footprint in the next two years. Thanks to the software, the company has effortlessly managed its growth, and enjoys more accurate data upon which to make decisions.

Sage Intacct’s intuitive interface and seamless integration with our other best-in-class software has been golden.

Chris Scott

Trusted financial insight

The biggest benefit of moving to the cloud for Skoah is the ability to track individual store performance in one place. With Sage Intacct’s multi-dimensional reporting capabilities, Skoah’s leadership team is able to look at the financial results of specific stores or cluster them into key groups for comparison.

Sage Intacct has improved the productivity of our team tremendously and brought real-time, trusted financial insight to a broader audience within the organization.

Chris Scott

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