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SmartStream smartens up global HR with Sage People

SmartStream Technologies - United Kingdom

A truly global HR system for a global company streamlining processes and consolidating data across international offices.

A global workforce without a global HR system

SmartStream provides trading software and services to more than 70 of the world’s top 100 banks and other major financial institutions. It became apparent that its existing HR systems, which in most regions were run on spreadsheets, were not giving the HR team the visibility into its global workforce that it needed. 

We operate in multiple countries and we just got to the point, where, as we expanded, we needed to get one consolidated platform.

David Porter
Global HR Director

Meeting the needs for global coverage

As a cloud-based system, Sage People streamlined HR data in one consistent format across all the international offices so that the company could access accurate data at any one point.

It also gave the company flexibility to scale-up easily and to provide far better support for its mobile workforce. Employees were now able to do some HR transactions on the move. 

Sage People could meet SmartStream’s need for global cover and handle differences in languages, currencies and regulations.

David Porter
Global HR Director

A time saving system with accurate real time HR data

The most important benefit is that the HR team is now able to focus on more strategic issues instead of being bogged down in admin. The company is now working on creating payroll interfaces to its multiple payroll providers around the globe and looking further ahead, to include talent management and performance management into the system. 

It takes just 20 minutes to half an hour to provide reports, while it used to take probably a day and a half to two days to pull it together before.

Tom Sutherland
Group HR Manager

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