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Sage People helps u-blox to manage an international workforce

U-Blox Holding AG - Switzerland

U-blox is a semiconductor and GPS provider. Based in Switzerland, with offices and development centres in many countries, it has also begun to acquire companies worldwide.

HR management that grows with the company

When it was still a start-up, u-blox used Word to manage back office functions, but as it grew the company needed something more specialist and integrated that would support growth and HCM across borders. U-blox was already using Salesforce, so it was important the new system integrated with that. The firm also wanted information to be widely visible.

We are buying companies and adding staff regularly, we need scalability and Sage People has this.

Peter Fuchs
Senior Director for Human Resources

A blend of approaches to implementation

With an international workforce, u-blox tailored implementation of Sage People to suit its circumstances. The main HCM system went live in a ‘big bang’ approach, but other modules, such as recruitment, were phased in and supported. The company quickly noticed the new system’s benefits, such as more efficient report writing and better document control.

We’ve learned that having a phased approach as we did with recruitment works better. Obviously, some things need to be big bang … but phased has its advantages.

Peter Fuchs
Senior Director for Human Resources

Sage People: making HR fast, accurate, scalable and flexible

U-blox appreciates the many benefits of Sage People, in particular the increased accuracy, speed and flexibility it provides. The company is now looking to integrate further modules to deal with issues that are particularly complex when managed in multiple countries, for example payroll and time management.

You’ve probably gathered, I’m fairly fond of the system.

Peter Fuchs
Senior Director for Human Resources
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