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Ubisense boosts productivity and performance with Sage People

Ubisense - United Kingdom

Integrated solution providing real time global visibility of workforce and eliminating the need for time consuming HR processes.

Manual HR tasks wasting valuable time

Ubisense is a software company specialising in providing real time location data to revolutionise how organisations locate, connect and manage industrial processes. The business needed an accessible, simple and consistent employee experience that reduced the valuable time its employees were spending on overly complex and time-consuming HR processes.

The solution we were using to manage our people just wasn’t up to the job. The conclusion was simple: we needed to evolve the way we manage HR across the business.

Nicola Clark
HR Director

The right HR solution to address growth aspirations

With Sage People, Ubisense can build dashboards that provide intelligence on headcount and vacancies to be filled, track open positions and progress, and see whether any roles have become open due to attrition. They can also easily access historical data, view trend reports and take remediate action as and when required.

Sage People gives us so much more value. Now we can easily find data, build reports, upload resources and have real-time global visibility of our workforce.

Nicola Clark
HR Director

Global visibility and real time data

Sage People empowers managers with employees in different regions. Now they can view essential team information and check instantly for policy and procedure adherence. With the integration of core portals such as a learning management system, Ubisense has consolidated many disparate administration process and systems into one. 

I can now access People data within seconds. I can see everything I need to see, when I want to see it and from anywhere.

Nicola Clark
HR Director

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