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Save as you grow

Sage Points: Exclusive discounts and rewards

Don’t stop with promotional offers, access big discounts through Sage Points. Automatically collect points each time you add a client tool – the more points you accumulate, the bigger your discount grows. Sign up to Sage for Accountants to start collecting Sage Points. 

Not sure how to prepare for MTD for ITSA  Visit the accountants and bookkeepers MTD hub to learn more. 

Add subscriptions, earn rewards

The more client subscriptions you add, the bigger the discounts for your practice.

Accountant Price*

0-49 points

5 % off all subscriptions

50-99 points

10% off all subscriptions

100-199 points

15 % off all subscriptions

200-499 points

20% off all subscriptions

500-999 points

25% off all subscriptions

1000-4,999 points

How Sage Points works

It’s easy to add subscriptions and use Sage Points – just follow these 6 simple steps. 

Join Sage for Accountants

Sign up free and get started with free functionality straight out of the box. 

Add tools for clients

Choose your tools - Sage Accounting, Sage Payroll, Final Accounts, Personal Tax, or Corporation Tax

Earn points

Start adding client subscriptions to receive Sage Points

Grow your discount

Add more client subscriptions to earn even more points

Start saving

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, your discount is applied to your RRP

Reach new levels

Grow your discount across six levels. Once you reach each one, your discount will apply to all new client subscriptions moving forward

Buy now, pay later

Ready to start saving straight away? Then a Volume Purchase Agreement is the way forward. Simply let us know how many subscriptions you want to buy and over how long – then get a discount up front. The more subscriptions you commit to buying, the bigger your discount.  

4 steps to setting up a Volume Purchase Agreement

1. Choose a tool to set up a Volume Purchase Agreement for – Sage Accounting and/or Sage Payroll 

2. Specify how long your term of agreement is – 12 or 24 months 

3. Decide how many subscriptions you want to purchase over that time 

4. Once it’s set up, a Sage Points boost is added within Sage for Accountants

Make sure you’re signed up for Sage for Accountants, then talk to a Practice Success Manager to get started.  

Free entry with Sage for Accountants

Sign up to Sage for Accountants to get automatic entry into the Sage Points scheme – all free. And the benefits don’t stop there – as soon as you sign up, you’ll get access to :

MTD support and advice

Online courses for your entire team

Further discounts for your practice and your clients

It only takes three steps to get started…

To start customising your platform, sign up free for Sage for Accountants.

Step 1 : Sign up for the Sage for Accountants platform for free. 

Step 2 : Get started with free functionality and support straight out of the box. Manage client work and build skills across your team.

Step 3 : Customise your platform by adding tools like Accounting and Payroll. Each tool has its own plans and pricing. Earn points as you add subscriptions.

Have Partner Edition ? Learn about your upgrade to Sage for Accountants 

*Accountants price refers to the price per client subscription of Sage Accounting and Sage Payroll when purchased through Sage for Accountants.

Sage Points FAQs for accountants

For each client subscription you assign to your clients, you’ll receive Sage Points. The total number of Sage Points you have will determine the level of discount you'll be awarded for each subscription. Here’s an example of how it works 

  • You add a client subscription for Sage Accounting Start and receive 5 points 
  • Your goal is to get 5 % off subscriptions which means you need to collect 50 points 
  • You collect more points to achieve your discount goal by adding more subscriptions for Sage Accounting or Payroll, Final Tax, Personal Tax, and Corporation Tax 
  • You reach your 5 % goal and your Sage Points discount is added to your existing accountant RRP 

For each subscription you add you’ll accumulate the following points 

  • Accounting Start – 5 points
  • Accounting Standard – 10 points  
  • Accounting Plus – 10 points  
  • Payroll (all tiers) – 10 points  
  • Final Tax, Personal Tax, or Corporation Tax – 1 point 

Take a look our Sage Points guide to learn how to grow your rewards. Get the guide

From time to time, it may change. If you were to add a subscription worth 5 points and Sage changed the value of the same subscription to 10 points, only the second subscription you took out would be worth 15 points. 
Your discount will be applied and calculated within 24 hours before your billing date. If you add or take out a subscription within those 24 hours, it may not show on your current bill but will show on your next one. 
With a Volume Purchase Agreement, you can take advantage of bigger discounts sooner. Simply set up a contract based on your requirement over 12 to 24 months, we’ll help you align this to your practice plan, and then you can start saving from day one of your contract. 
Yes – if you have clients with different requirements, you can absolutely commit to buying different tiers of the same product or even different products under the same Volume Purchase Agreement.  

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