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Your new connected platform 

Your move from Partner Edition to Sage for Accountants

All accountants and bookkeepers currently using Partner Edition are being upgraded to Sage for Accountants. Explore this page to learn steps to getting started, learn what’s new, and read handy FAQs. 

Why move from Partner Edition to Sage for Accountants?

Sage for Accountants is our new platform that offers all of the key functionality of Partner Edition with more features, support, and bigger discounts. It brings you one connected, digital experience to help you stay profitable and productive.

Access all new features and tools

Get access to new tools like Client Management. Use a single searchable client list with customisable folders and tags. Effortlessly manage client subscriptions with self-serve subscription management

Sage for Accountants Essentials

Get started at no cost with Client Management, tax and Final Accounts software, one free practice subscription of Sage Accounting Plus and Sage Payroll, GoProposal Essentials and AutoEntry Essentials, as well as access to Sage Member benefits.

Customise your platform

Purchase tools like Sage Accounting or Sage Payroll for clients and easily add, access, and manage them from your Sage for Accountants platform

Get discounts

With Sage Points your discount grows each time you add a new tool to your client's subscription.

How your upgrade will begin

We’re upgrading all Partner Edition customers to Sage for Accountants in waves. When we’re ready to begin the wave for your practice, we’ll be in touch at the start of the month. Keep an eye on your inbox for your upgrade email which will prompt you to:

  • Accept the terms and conditions to kick off your upgrade
  • Follow the link on the email to get all of the information you need

Compare Partner Edition and Sage for Accountants

Your upgrade to Sage for Accountants brings you and your clients even more features and benefits. All features that you currently use in Partner Edition will be available, but some tasks have been optimised and simplified. Here are some of the key changes: 

Features Partner Edition Sage for Accountants
Subscription management Green check mark
Inviting clients to collaborate Green check mark
User management Green check mark
Client record creation and management Green check mark
Multi-user and practice access rights Green check mark
Easy-to-manage subscriptions: upgrade, downgrade, or cancel
Green check mark
Sage 50 to Sage Accounting migration
Green check mark
Free tax tools for your clients
Green check mark
Self serve subscriptions
Green check mark
Sage Points
Green check mark
Full invoice breakdown
Green check mark
Contact record creation and management
Green check mark
Time-stamped comments and notifications
Green check mark
Client folders and tags
Green check mark
 GoProposal Essentials    Green check mark
 AutoEntry Essentials    Green check mark

Everything you need to know: Sage for Accountants

Hear from our product experts on the key benefits and features of Sage for Accountants. 

Accountants discuss Sage for Accountants

Partner Edition upgrade FAQs

We’ll let you know when we’re ready to upgrade you. If you don’t want to accept the upgrade, you don’t have to. You’ll still have access to Partner Edition and its features as long as the product is available. But you will be missing out on lots of new features and benefits designed to make your life easier. Here are just some of the examples of the features available through Sage for Accountants: 

  • Instant access to free practice software including Client Management, Sage Accounting, and Sage Payroll 
  • Additional discounts through Sage Points 
  • Self-serve client subscriptions at the best prices 
  • Easy-to-understand invoices 
Yes. Once upgraded, your Partner Edition bookmarks will no longer work so make sure you replace them with the Sage for Accountants log in page:

Sage for Accountants is a platform that’s free to use. When you upgrade, you also get all the tools you need to run your practice: 

  • Client Management
  • Final Accounts, Corporation Tax, and Personal tax free for every client 
  • One free subscription of Sage Accounting Plus for your practice 
  • One free subscription of Sage Payroll for your practice 
  • GoProposal Essentials and AutoEntry Essentials 
  • Sage Membership 
  • Access to Sage Points 

You’re in control of what chargeable tools you add for your practice and your clients. See products and pricing.  

Any chargeable subscriptions for your clients that are migrated from Partner Edition will have the prices preserved so you will not pay any more for these after upgrading to Sage for Accountants.

Sage Points may decrease the amount you are paying today. 

To see a breakdown of the prices you’re paying for client subscriptions, select the Invoices tab within ‘Manage business account’ after your first billing date once you’re using Sage for Accountants. 

Take a look at the product guide in Partner Edition to learn more on how to get prepared for your upgrade. For help with Sage for Accountants once you get started, use the in-product tour and help centre for product support. 

Looking for human support? Our dedicated customer service team are on hand to help you whenever you need.
Not yet. We'll be in touch when it's your turn to upgrade. To make sure your upgrade is seamless for you and your practice, we’re assessing your use of our software and capabilities to move each customer at the best time. By upgrading customers in this way, we can support you throughout the process.   
There are a few different reasons that we may need to move an upgrade date, like if you’ve started to use additional features of Partner Edition that you haven’t used previously. In these circumstances, to make sure that your business is not impacted by lack of functionality or access to data, we would delay the date of upgrade to a point where all features can be successfully upgraded. Where this, or any other reason for delay, occurs we will contact you to let you know what happens next.  

Almost all data that was available within Partner Edition when we started the upgrade will be transferred to Sage for Accountants. This includes:  

  • All client data  
  • All payment information  
  • All business data  
  • Historical invoices  
  • Confirmed user roles and permissions  

Data that won’t migrate across:  

  • Pending user invitations
  • Demo business accounts and associated data  
All active users with access to Partner Edition will be moved across when we upgrade to Sage for Accountants. Their user credentials and permissions will be the same. These permissions can be updated within Sage for Accountants through the Manage Users menu which can be found through the navigation at the right-hand side of the navigation bar.  

More questions about your move?

Talk to one of our experts to get 1-1 advice and additional support.

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