Execute payroll with confidence

Manage employee compensation with automated payroll and accounting software. 

Execute payroll with confidence

Manage employee compensation with automated payroll and accounting software. 

Execute payroll with confidence

Manage employee compensation with automated payroll and accounting software. 

Don’t let a disorganised and noncompliant payroll system hurt your business

Noncompliance and shoddy payroll accounting can damage profits.

The constantly changing regulatory landscape poses a major compliance challenge for small and medium-sized businesses. As you hire more freelancers, adjust to changes in UK laws, and respond to rising wages, you need an adaptable payroll accounting solution. Failure to comply can lead to an audit, resulting in potentially business-sinking fines. 
Getting payroll right not only keeps the government at bay but also builds employee trust. Our research found that 50% of employers would lose confidence in their employer after a single payroll mistake. If your employees don't feel valued or respected, they will soon be jumping ship. 

Why your business needs accounting software with tools for payroll management

Embracing payroll and accounting software makes for happy employees and compliant operations.

Foster an engaged workforce
Happy employees make for a productive business. By implementing payroll and accounting software, you can count on high employee morale and engagement. 
Stay compliant
Dealing with updates to your minimum wage obligations, auto enrollment and more requires a sophisticated payroll solution. Keep up with the times. Make sure your payroll software can adapt to regulatory changes. 
Grow your business
Automated payroll software eliminates error-prone manual tasks and frees up your time. Be confident in your payroll management so you can focus on growing your business. 

Many companies rely on accounting and payroll software to manage compensation and stay legally compliant. What are the benefits of this sort of software?  

You’ll retain and engage your employees

To keep your employees invested in your business, you need to make sure you’re compensating them regularly, reliably, and securely. Automated payroll and accounting software delivers pay cheques promptly, supports multiple pay rates, calculates withholdings, and deducts and remits the appropriate taxes. Smoothly paid employees make up a driven and enthusiastic work force.

You’ll eliminate costly mistakes

Payroll mistakes can lead to complex issues that affect employee compensation and impact your business. But you can avoid these mistakes: the right attendance tracking software ensures that time is accurately recorded, while payroll audits allow you to verify employee data and generate accurate reports. By automating the many processes that constitute a comprehensive payroll solution, you’ll eliminate these costly errors. 

You’ll manage a more efficient, faster-growing business

Payroll and accounting software affords your business a lot of benefit. Your employees will be enthusiastic and engaged, the government will leave you to your work, and employee data will be managed by an adaptable automated solution. With all these parts working together, you'll have time to improve and grow your business. 

Work efficiently with the right billing solution

Simple yet powerful accounting software that gives you control over your finances and your business. 

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