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Inside the Ambition: Roice Gummer on transforming lives with Supreme Being Fitness

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Inside the Ambition: Roice Gummer on transforming lives with Supreme Being Fitness

Inside the Ambition is a series that tells the stories of business owners, going from how and why they started their businesses to where they are now. I spoke to Roice Gummer, the founder of fitness and body transformation company Supreme Being Fitness.

Roice was one of the Sage Ambition competition finalists, which had a prize of a business advice meeting with entrepreneur and Sage Ambition Ambassador Peter Jones. Here, he talks about how his business is helping his clients to find their confidence and change their lives for the better, and how his ambition is fuelling his desire to succeed.

You can listen to a podcast of the interview or read about what he had to say below.

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Tell us about your business

I’m the managing director of a company called Supreme Being Fitness and we’re a hybrid company that slots in between personal training and gym. So we do group training with a lot of nutrition, a lot of mentoring and coaching, and ultimately aiming for body transformations with our clients.

And what is the ambition that drives what you do?

My main ambition is changing people’s lives. The physical changes that we’re able to see in our clients is fantastic and something that motivates myself, my team and the people we work with.

But also what we’re able to see in what we do is more the mental shift and the energy shift in the people we work with. Their changing in confidence, the way they go about things, the way they carry themselves, the way they take on tasks.

We’ve seen so much of that in how we operate and for me, it’s, you know, for a lot of people it’s a life-changing situation that they put themselves through when they take on a programme with us. So I would say changing people’s lives is my intrinsic motivation.

Giving clients confidence is an ambition driver for Roice (left)
Giving clients confidence is an ambition driver for Roice (left)

Tell me about the importance of self-confidence as you see it, these transformations that people have when they work with you

Sure, I’m an ex-Military person myself and I was a semi-professional athlete when I was younger as well. And I was always taught that being confidence in a task you’re carrying out doesn’t just mean you’ll do it diligently but it means you’ll do it to the best of your ability.

So when I see people that have so much more to give and so much more unlocked potential within them and they’re kind of scared to exert it because they haven’t got this self-confidence – I suppose in a way it makes me sad because I think these people have so much more to give and there’s so much more there.

They’re just kind of in a shell a little bit because they’re worried about being judged or thinking “how am I going to feel if I’m not as good at this task or doing this thing?”. And they’re not really willing to put themselves out there.

And it sounds silly but sometimes it can go right back to how they feel about their body and themselves.

So when we start to shift all these things together about how they look at themselves and how they view themselves, their self-value, their self-worth, we just see a complete difference in the people we work with. And it may be something small like going for a new job, or starting a new business or going on a new adventure.

Whatever it is, we’ve seen so much of it in our operations. It inspires me to see people go through these dramatic changes. That’s why I believe self-confidence is such a hugely important thing for everyone really.

Roice on his business: "The physical changes that we’re able to see in our clients is fantastic and motivates me"
Roice on his business: “The physical changes that we’re able to see in our clients is fantastic and motivates me”

Is there a story of one of these folks that pops to mind when you think about this?

There’s some who have got deep emotional ties who have managed to exit from relationships that were quite controlling or abusive all the way up to people who were in what I’d call an unfulfilling job for them as people. But they never followed their passion or went for anything else because they didn’t have the confidence to do it.

And yeah, there was the particular story of a lady who had this idea for a business and she wanted to go off and do it but I guess it was her self-confidence that held her back. And I suppose how she viewed herself and her capabilities, and she kind of let it go for a long, long time.

She’s been on our transformation programmes for a number of years now, she’s been a client of ours for about three years. And in that time, she left her job, she started the business, which is now a multi-site company, and she’s doing very well.

She’s just a completely different person. She’s really shifted her energy and how she used to walk in a room, not really wanting to be noticed or make eye contact, to a confident, bubbly leader, and it’s really good to see.

It just shows the passion we have and are able to install in our clients is a real driver for them and for us, and that was a particular story we were really happy with.

Who is a hero of yours that personifies ambition?

There’s so many and I know it’s going to be very cliché because Peter Jones is one of the Ambition leaders with the Sage drive in the UK at the moment, but his story is very fascinating.

Having been through the ups and the downs that business brings with it, to see him come back and be such a successful person is very inspiring. For me, it enables me to believe that sometimes things are not going to go amazingly. However, having the resilience and the drive to keep moving forward and doing things is important with business.

And also, I’m part of a mentorship group under a mentor called Dan Bradbury. He’s a very ambitious gentleman and he’s got some very good mentors himself. Listen to his story. His business mind and the way he talks and thinks critically is great. He’s really, really good to listen to.

They are the heroes, I suppose, I look up to and try and learn from as much as I can.

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