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Hiring freelancers could mean a more agile business

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Whether you offer a service or product, with rapid growth comes the potential for your core processes to become overshadowed by the logistics and requirements of your back-office operations.

Processes such as accounting, marketing and legal work are all essential to the proper running of your business, yet your finances and man-power can so easily be diverted away from the very product or service which brought you success to begin with, thus bottlenecking any further growth.

No doubt one of the main challenges you have when growing a business is staffing – how to find the right person for the job, and how to find someone who has buy-in, in other words, who shares the same vision for the business.

Outsourcing to Freelancers allows you to devote your core staff and finances almost entirely to your products and services, while continuing to operate at maximum efficiency on budget and on time.

But what are the other main benefits of hiring Freelancers for your business?

Global workforce

Of course, you needn’t limit yourself to using local freelancers. With the use of the internet, you have a global workforce at your fingertips. Tasks such as web development, mobile app development, writing, call answering, lead generation and more can easily be carried out remotely by someone overseas. Think of the competitive advantage this gives you if someone is able to work on your project overnight.

Reduced costs

Whoever you decide to hire, you won’t need to splash out on overheads such as training, equipment, sick pay, tax or national insurance. Instead of a salary, you’ll only pay for the work which they are hired to do. This is a particular advantage for the services which your company utilises on a less frequent basis.

Increased flexibility

Hiring freelancers allows your business greater flexibility in terms of staffing. A flexible workforce means that you are better able to adapt to seasonal changes, maternity leave, long-term illness or emergencies.

Quality and efficiency

Whether they work in the design, marketing or legal industries, freelancers are specialists. It’s tantamount to calling in the ‘A Team’.

They will use the best and most up to date equipment, software, knowledge and codes of conduct. They’ll also bring enthusiasm and motivation, as their reputation rests upon the satisfaction of their clients.

It’s probably a given that businesses large or small need to adapt quickly to their customers’ changing habits. Freelancers are driven strictly by results, and not by office politics, so can bring fresh objectivity to your business while using their expertise to suggest alternatives strategies wherever appropriate.

Has your business benefitted from hiring freelancers? Do you find there are any other advantages to outsourcing freelancers, or have you discovered any problems when doing so?

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