How close financial management can benefit your customer service

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Do you think the way your company manages accounting and finances has limited or no effect on the customer service you give? Think again.

A lack of integration between back-office and front-office elements can leave your teams without the relevant and necessary information to do their jobs to a high standard. Data efficiency becomes an extremely important aspect of servicing customers; customers expect to speak to someone who, in general terms, “knows what they’re talking about”.

Financial management becomes an extremely important function to improve customer satisfaction levels, in terms of:

  • Access to the right information
  • Customer billing and payment management
  • Process compliance, efficiency and simplicity
  • Managing risks
  • Reporting and decision making

For services companies such as hospitality, transport and financial service suppliers, there is often a specialist customer system such as a booking system or contact desk, which is essential for customer teams to action customer requests. Often, companies then have one or more systems to track back-office activities. It’s extremely important to connect both of these aspects.

A fully integrated accounting system can centralise billing, allowing customer teams to get the correct information as and when they need it.

In fact, back-office integration can achieve 97% improvement in customer satisfaction rates year-on-year.

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