How to use social media to generate more sales

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Social media can be a great tool for marketing your business. However using social media for marketing doesn’t just mean populating your profiles with sales tweets and updates. Here are a few tips for helping you generate more sales from your social media profiles.

Offer exclusive deals to each social network

An easy way to generate more sales on social media is to organize exclusive offers and deals for a particular social network. For example, you could create a printable coupon that your social media fans can use in store or a code that they can use in your online store. What is great about this is that not only will you be making more sales, but you will also be able to easily and closely monitor the success of your campaign. Don’t forget to also use calls-to-action in your updates and stress the fact that the deal is exclusive.

Create a contest

Contests can help you get some great results from social media: more traffic, more fans, more reach and more sales. Contests are easy to set up and run and you can use one of the many apps, such as Woobox, Votigo and Wizehive, that will help by doing most of your job for you. When you start a contest, don’t forget to also promote it on your other social media profiles, as well as your website and mailing list, to make sure everyone gets a chance to participate. Also, don’t hesitate to ask your fans to share the news about the contests with their own followers so that you can reach more people.

Monitor conversations

On social media, you don’t necessarily have to wait for consumers to come to you – you can also go after them. Use a tool like Social Mention (which works across several different social media platforms) to closely monitor a few keywords that relate to your business. By doing this, you could find potential customers that are looking for the product or service you are offering, and you can approach them. If you do choose to contact them, a good way of increasing the chances that they will pick you is to offer them an exclusive deal. This will not only mean a new customer, but they might actually help you spread the word among their friends and followers!

Promoted posts

Whenever you have an exclusive deal that you think your audience might like, Facebook’s Promoted Posts could be a good way to make sure your message gets across to as many people as possible. For only £5-£10 per post most of your Facebook fans will be able to see your exclusive deal (usually only 10% of your page’s fans will see any one status update). This is a great method if you have lots of fans on Facebook, because most of them won’t visit your page on a regular basis and could completely miss your deal – this way you ensure that your post appears in their News Feeds and therefore has a better chance of being seen and read.

Remember to build relationships

Last but not least, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t only focus on making sales, as this will only hurt your efforts in the long term. If you are too ‘salesy’ you will put most people off, and the ‘secret’ behind a successful social media strategy is building meaningful relationships with your audience and engaging with them.

Always engage with your followers by starting and joining conversations, liking, sharing and retweeting their updates and share updates with them. The reason why I think engagement and building relationships is so important is because this is how you build your audience, raise your traffic and start generating more sales eventually. It’s important to remember that social media isn’t the most straightforward sales channel and that it does require a lot of work and time.

Are you using social media to generate sales? Which methods have you found to be the most successful in your experience? Please let us know in your comments!

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