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Key learnings from Sage Summit UK: Part one

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Key learnings from Sage Summit UK: Part one

What were your key learnings from Sage Summit UK? We spoke to our influencers who attended both days at Summit to find out what they learnt and can take back to their businesses.

Jeremy Corner: @JeremyCorner

“I found the mentor lounge incredibly inspiring with a great group of mentors and some interesting new companies that we were able to help. I loved the keynote speakers and found the diversity and fast growth sessions particularly interesting. I also really enjoyed catching up with friends in our community and meeting new social influencers. I had a really good Facebook Live with Janice B Gordon which you can watch here. Sage Summit London was brilliant for networking, personal development and catching up with the latest developments at Sage. I’m very much looking forward to speaking at Atlanta in May.”

Joanne Dewberry

Stories: I’ve been thinking, reading and looking a lot lately at the ways in which small businesses tell stories and use their stories in their branding. Sage excels at using stories, especially the stories of the small businesses using their products. Michael Office’s seminar on Storytelling was so good. I enjoyed the way he structured the process of telling stories and took a load of notes to implement in my own business and creating content for other small business owners on storytelling.

Networking: For me getting out and meeting other people, who share the same passion and drive as you poses the most useful. I learnt so much from my peers (like how to get the perfect celeb selfie from Jeremy), I loved learning how others create content on the go and most importantly I left inspired by the whole Sage experience and raring to go (once the children are back at school).

Amanda Webb: @spiderworking

Kriti Sharma on AI

Maybe it’s because I’m a sci-fi fan but I find AI fascinating. Chatbots could be huge for small business and the demo from Kriti Sharma of how Pegg, the Sage chatbot integrates with Alexa was amazing. I know I’m looking at how I can implement chatbots into my business as a result.

I got to meet the physical robotic Pegg shortly after, she seemed confused but the potential is mind blowing. I’m really looking forward to seeing these technologies develop.

Michael Office On Storytelling

Storytelling is one of those terms marketers throw around that confuses people. We all know what a story is but it’s sometimes hard to see how we can implement it in our own businesses.

Michael’s presentation took us through examples of brand storytelling and he shared a bunch of tips for creating our own stories. He made it sound simple.

Some of the questions he said we should ask ourselves to help us tell stories

  • What do you stand for?
  • What’s unique?
  • How does what you do make your customers feel?
  • What really matters to the customers you want to attract?
  • What do you want people to know?
  • What do you want people to feel?
  • What do you want people to do?

This is really useful advice for small businesses who are doing their own marketing. If we know the answers to these questions we can start creating content that is valuable, helpful and attracts customers.


A side benefit to the Sage Summit was the networking. I met lots of really interesting people and learned a lot from them. I think this is an often overlooked side of conferences and the SageSummit did it well.

Kate Baucherel: @katebaucherel

My top takeaway from #sagesummit has to be the application of emerging technologies in accounting. Seeing how AI – The Pegg chat bot – seamlessly integrates with Sage ledgers was brilliant. This is a great example of tech being used innovatively to make the day to day admin easier. It doesn’t simply speed up an existing process, but changes behaviour to benefit the business. It’s also clear that the legal and ethical challenges around AI are being addressed from concept onwards.

Alex Jordan: @AlexJordanUK

I picked up lots of useful information at Sage Summit this year, with clarifications about Making Tax Digital from HMRC and investor insights from Deborah Meaden just two highlights. But there was one nugget of information that that I found particularly insightful, regarding The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). I’d not previously heard about GDPR, nor the fact that all UK businesses need to be compliant within the next year. Sage gave an incredibly useful and insightful session on the main aspects of GDPR, our responsibilities as businesses and best-practice guidelines. Good to know we were already following many of them without realising!

Simon Barry: @eggwhisk

I was lucky enough to attend Sage Summit London 2017. An eclectic event full of amazing speakers, knowledge everywhere, busy stands where companies talked enthusiastically about the benefits of doing business in an increasingly digital world.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Part Two, where you can find out more from our influencers and their key learnings from Sage Summit UK.

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