Reap the rewards from 5 simple work life changes

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What is a work life balance? For every family, business and employee this will be totally different. There is no generalisation but I think the key is in the old saying “you work to live not live to work”. It’s about prioritising home/life over work/outside obligations. Personally, my work life balance is being able to shut the door on my business and be just mummy, put the children to bed and then eat cheese watching trashy TV.

  1. Wear multiple hats
    Business owner, employee, mummy, wife, friend. They all require you to be someone different. Think of all these persona as individual try not to mix them up. For example being ‘business owner’ writing an important email whilst helping with homework isn’t smart nor clever and is going to end up being counterproductive resulting in neither task being done properly.
  2. Be organised
    Ensure you have a structure to your business hours. What time you start and finish. Include breaks and lunch time into your routine. Moving away from the office for 15 minutes to make a cup of tea can make a huge difference. Use your to do list/diaries to ensure both personal, family, school and business are scheduled in effectively. This way you don’t accidentally overlap and you only need to wear one of your hats at a time.
  3. Switch off
    If you work form home have a dedicated office space so you can effectively get up and leave when your working day is done. Resist the urge to answer emails in bed there is normally nothing that can’t wait until your back in the office.
  4. Me time
    It’s really important to have rest time. Take up knitting or read a book, watch a box set or have a massage. Anything that doesn’t involve you thinking about work, family or ironing. Rest and recuperate.
  5. Superwoman / Spiderman doesn’t live here anymore
    You are a mere mortal. You can’t do everything! Learn to delegate tasks not just in your business but at home too. A work life balance is just as much about dividing your energy. No one wants a tired grumpy boss, mother, partner and feeling pressured by everyday life and work is not productive on any level. A work life balance is about separating work and life and respecting these separate pressures each role presents.

What top tips do you have to balance your work and life?

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