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We are upgrading Partner Edition to Sage for Accountants

Read on to find out how and when we'll be upgrading you to Sage for Accountants.

What is Sage for Accountants?

Sage for Accountants is our new product for accountants and bookkeepers that unifies and digitises the tools you use across your practice, from proposal to advisory. By automating steps from data capture to tax submission, Sage for Accountants helps you save time and simplify workloads for clients and your practice. Click here to uncover the benefits.

How will the change affect my practice?

You can keep using Partner Edition for now. We’ll be in touch with plenty of notice to let you know what’s changing, the key features included in your upgrade, and a few simple steps ahead of your upgrade date. Read our FAQs to learn more.

When will my practice be upgrading to Sage for Accountants?

We’re making sure you get a complete experience that includes all of the functionality you use in Sage Partner Edition, like our award-winning VAT Centre and full audit logs, as well as the new features of Sage for Accountants. We’ll start upgrading practices when we’ve done this from Spring 2022.

Why are accountants and bookkeepers moving?

To give you an easier, faster way to manage your practice and collaborate with clients, we’re upgrading you to Sage for Accountants. By working closely with accountants and bookkeepers while building Sage for Accountants, we’ve made sure it has the features you need and an experience that makes it easy for you to get your work done. Sage for Accountants brings together new learning pathways with exclusive rewards and discounts, helping you add more value for your clients. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out everything you need to know about upgrading to Sage for Accountants. And learn what to do if you have a different Sage subscription.

You will be scheduled for upgrade once the features you use in Partner Edition today are available in Sage for Accountants, from Spring 2022. We will work with you to ensure you have all the information you need and keep you updated with timings and next steps via email. 

You can uncover the benefits of Sage for Accountants and how they compare against Partner Edition by watching our on demand webinar available now. 

We will be upgrading existing customers into Sage for Accountants from Spring 2022, so there is no need for you to sign up now. We will keep you updated on next steps, and work with you on timings over the coming months. 
Don’t worry about moving – we’ve got you covered. Your data and clients will get moved to Sage for Accountants as part of the upgrade. We’ll get in touch over the next couple of months so you know what’s happening and when. 
Sage for Accountants is designed for accountancy and bookkeeping practices. If you're working in a small business and have another Sage subscription for your accounting or payroll needs, then visit to find the Log In link to access your software. 

Learn more about the Upgrade

Discover more about your upgrade to Sage for Accountants by watching the webinar, or request a callback from the Practice Success team, who will explain more about the move.


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