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Sage Intacct, now integrated with Sage People, delivers a unified solution that streamlines financial and people management for nonprofit organisations.

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Achieve complete visibility and transparency

Powerful cloud HR and financial solutions that enable your nonprofit organisation to thrive. 


Sage People

Boost HR productivity, create great employee experiences and increase workforce visibility with Sage People.

Sage Intacct

Sustain funding and ensure mission impact. Enhance your visibility across multiple programs, locations, entities and funds with instant access to real-time results and performance.

Future-proof your business

Sage People integrates with Sage Intacct’s intelligent general ledger, delivering a unified and accurate system for finance, budgeting and HR.

Experience Sage People with an interactive product tour

Ready to become a People Company? Transform the way you acquire, retain, manage and engage your people with our award-winning system that’s implemented quickly and simple to use. 


See Sage Intacct in action

Sophisticated multidimensional database so you can aggregate transactions and activities across your nonprofit organisation. With push-button consolidations you get fast closings and real-time analytics — in minutes, not weeks — for maximum impact on your nonprofit’s performance.

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