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ON DEMAND WEBINAR: How to command your worth & build business resilience

Don't leave any money on the table. Get paid for reviewing, repricing & re-engaging all your clients. 

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Join the experts on this one hour webinar to hear everything you need to take charge of reviewing and repricing your clients.  

When a practice is going through digital transformation and planning to change how they work with their clients, this will impact the service provision delivered to those clients. They will need to review, reprice, and re-engage every client based on the client conversations they have and the way they choose and agree to work together, and the services that will be required.  

This is a lengthy, time consuming and potentially uncomfortable process which we can make much easier by providing all the tools and support they need.  

What is covered during this webinar :

  • Setting the Scene – We’ve made it through a busy self-assessment period, the immediate pressures of MTD have subsided  
  • Coming out of this period, what have we learnt ? Clients are still undervaluing the work accountants do for them, ways of working are fractured, money is left on the table, processes are still manual and therefore take too much time
  • What should accountants be doing ? From the moment of onboarding clients should be brought into your ways of working, clear expectations set and for existing client’s total transparency when it comes to re-pricing & re-engaging. Always thinking of keeping on top of compliance and minimising risk with every client engagement. Saving time through digital transformation 
  • How can this be achieved ? Save time through automated letters of engagement, having transparent conversations with clients with a clear set of services and prices, fully compliant auto-updated documentation, one single source of truth system that can be delegated across the team  
  • GoProposal demonstration & FAQ


Chris Downing – Director for Accountants and Bookkeepers, Sage.  
Chris joined Sage having been a partner at a top 100 accountancy firm. He brings nearly 20 years of hands on experience and strategic insight of the profession, coupled with an infectious enthusiasm in the adoption of technology and Business Intelligence to improve reporting and drive innovation in the SME sector.  

Danielle Fisher – OverSuite Product Manager 
Danielle oversees product development for OverSuite in all areas, taking overall responsibility for its success by liaising with our compliance experts, members and internal teams. Danielle’s superpower is her passion for solving user’s problems.

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