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Sage Data and Analytics

Looking to gain further insights into your data?

Explore how by accessing a 60-day free trial of Sage Data & Analytics.

How can Sage Data & Analytics help your business?

Sage Data & Analytics provides you with a central point to manage information from numerous different sources as well as providing built-in data models for reporting. You can access data from both Sage and competitive ERP platforms which ensure you are able to gather extensive insights into your data without the need to manually map data to the new database model. This will help provide you with more understanding at a heightened level of sophistication and understanding during these emotionally, economically, and operationally testing times.

Customers and Employees

Customers and Employees

  • Explore how to uncover and understand changing customer behaviours
  • Manage changes in demand and optimise your expenditure
Supply Chain

Supply Chain

  • Provide a view to help manage supplier performance, inventory tracking and valuation as well as manufacturing performance
  • Access in depth analysis around logistics, demand and purchasing
  • Track production and operations efficiency
Financial Performance

Financial Performance

  • Access liquidity management, financial reporting and other general ledger insights
  • Create a financial overview of two different companies because of mergers and acquisitions
  • Protects employees by ensuring continuous adjustments do not erode the fabric of the organisation

What do you get with a free trial?

The trial provides the ability for any existing Sage X3 customer to measure and manage their business for 60 days using Sage Data & Analytics (SD&A) product free of charge. SD&A will provide a straightforward “Free Use” agreement, on a first come, first served basis, which provides:

  • Use of SD&A Software for 60 days at no cost
  •  Two days of SD&A Services to deploy the software (16hours)
  • Access to all self-learning materials
  • Access to other resources which SD&A will make available (email alias, open webinars etc.).