Know your business and your customers

Manage your customers at every stage of the sales process with eCRM software.

Know your business and your customers

Manage your customers at every stage of the sales process with eCRM software.

Know your business and your customers

Manage your customers at every stage of the sales process with eCRM software.

Don't let scattered customer data hurt your business

Weak or non-existent eCRM results in lost opportunities.

When a lead expresses interest in your product, you want to follow up quickly. Next, you want to provide them with personalised marketing materials to help move them down the funnel. Finally, when it’s time to make the sale, you want to provide them with a tailored solution. But none of this is possible without a tool for gathering and analysing customer data. 
You probably have a lot of that data. You’ve probably even used it to close some sales. But without a central point at which you can access and analyse that data, you can’t say for sure which factors contributed to those sales. By relying on intuition rather than data-driven insights, you damage your chances of future success. 

Why your business needs eCRM software

Embracing an eCRM solution makes for an efficient and productive sales process.

Understand customer data
Use existing customer data to understand what works and what doesn't, while leveraging specific information about leads to move them efficiently down the sales funnel.
Promote collaboration
Bring together your sales and marketing teams with a single system that makes for easy collaboration, information sharing, and automation of routine tasks.
Grow your business 
Eliminate error-prone manual processes and regain your precious time. With a solution that houses and analyses your customer data in one place, you'll be able to focus on growing your business.

You’ll understand your customers 

Today’s customers expect to be treated with responsive and personalised service. With eCRM software, you have immediate access to a wealth of customer data and the ability to identify patterns within it. Armed with this data and the tools to analyse it, you’ll delight, upsell, and retain current customers, and attract and acquire new ones. 

You’ll promote cross-departmental collaboration

All too often, sales and marketing can’t seem to get on the same page. The right eCRM solution contains all the functionality these departments need to communicate effectively. For example, when marketing implements a targeted email campaign for fresh leads, sales will be able to track engagement and follow up if any leads show signs of moving down the funnel. 

You’ll simplify the sales process

The sales process is often extended by onerous manual tasks, human errors, and poor management of customer data. By implementing eCRM software, you can remove these drags on the system. You’ll nurture leads and delight customers with automated processes, identify sales patterns with real-time information, and save time at every point in the sales cycle.  

You’ll increase revenue

In a 2015 study, the information services company Experian found that 91% of U.S. organisations believe inaccurate data impacts their revenue. With eCRM software, you can be confident not only that your data is accurate but also that it’s being leveraged to drive company growth. The ability to see your business from all angles, retain and acquire customers, and properly forecast will ensure the success of your business.  

Know your business grow your business

Manage every customer relationship, increase sales and make better business decisions with Sage CRM.