Talent management identifies the employees that go the extra mile

Discover how a talent management strategy finds your best and brightest.

Talent management identifies the employees that go the extra mile

Discover how a talent management strategy finds your best and brightest.

Talent management identifies the employees that go the extra mile

Discover how a talent management strategy finds your best and brightest.

 Create outstanding teams by using talent management to recognise and develop employees’ skills

Talent management helps companies achieve results, encourage employees’ development, add value to your brand, and develop a team with a diverse range of skills. Find out more now. 

What is talent management? Most simply put, talent management is your commitment to recruit, hire, develop, and retain the best and most skilled employees. As it becomes harder to attract and retain talented employees, providing opportunities for professional growth and development is crucial to your company’s success.

An effective talent management strategy not only gives you an edge over competitors, it also helps you boost productivity and cut costs. A high staff turnover rate negatively impacts team morale and is expensive. 

Develop an effective talent management system

An effective talent management system includes a mixture of blended learning, on the job training, formal or e-learning courses, and external workshops/events. Employees should also have an opportunity to develop soft skills like teamwork, communication, change management, emotional intelligence, and resolving issues or overcoming challenges. It’s also important to ensure talent management goals align with the company and employees’ goals.

Avoid ineffective talent management processes with talent management tools

A talent management strategy without the proper tools will struggle to succeed. Without one source of data, it’s difficult to determine progress and information may be inconsistent or simply not exist, making oversights unpreventable. If employees aren’t recognised for their efforts, they’ll become unhappy and find a new opportunity elsewhere.

Automated, cloud-based talent management tools from Sage ensures your company avoid such situations. We’ll help you spot talent early on and create a positive company culture that engages, motivates, and encourages your people to stay.

Create a strong talent management strategy with HR software from Sage

Our HR software provides talent management tools with employee analytics so you always have reliable information about employee and team performance. These insights will highlight areas needing more investment, employees that go the extra mile, and how staff spend their time. You can then help employees set concrete goals that our system can measure, monitor, and record their progress.  Plus, with instant access to reports and dashboards, you’ll always know how your teams are performing. By consolidating information about employees’ performance with other information (like your company's recruitment approach), you can make vital employee decisions based on the right workforce information and create robust succession plans. Our HR software will support your employees through every stage of their professional development and ensure the success of your talent management strategy.

Introducing the talent management system you’ve been waiting for. Keep and grow your best talent by creating great workforce experiences.

Sage Business Cloud People is a leading global HR and people management system that transforms how companies attract, manage and retain their workforce. Designed specifically for medium-sized, multinational organisations (200-5000 employees), Sage Business Cloud People is quick to implement, easy to use, and configured to suit your business needs.


Instant workforce visibility

Get instant and complete visibility of your global workforce and make better business decisions, with smart analytics and actionable insights.

Increased productivity

Streamline your core HR and people processes by automating key tasks and workflows, all in a single system across your entire organisation.

Great workforce experiences

Empower HR and people teams to do their best work, with intuitive user experience across the entire employment journey, on any device.

Global and local compliance

Create a single global policy for your organisation, whilst remaining compliant with local in-country regulations at the same time.

Perfect your talent management system with People software from Sage

People - formerly Sage People

Best HR software for medium-sized business. As part of Sage Business Cloud, People is perfect for talent and performance management.

  • Simplify your employees’ talent management with a single scalable solution
  • Be compliant wherever you are in the world with automated global policies and processes
  • Get instant visibility into your workforce with reports and dashboards that provide actionable insights
  • Identify, manage, and retain employees with talent management tools
  • Empower employees to manage their information with a self-service portal
  • Manage your expanding global workforce with clever resource planning flexible capabilities

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HR software and consultancy services from Sage promote employee and company’s growth.

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