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Last night, Sage Live, the world’s first real-time accounting solution, won Best Cloud Application at Informa’s World Cloud and DevOps Awards in London.


London, 22 June 2016 - Sage Live beat products such as Cisco Metapod, Console Platform, and Parcelly, to pick up the top prize at Informa’s World Cloud and DevOps Awards ceremony in Olympia, London.

Reimagining centuries-old practices

When we first conceived Sage Live, we recognised that the accounting practices of most small and medium businesses were broken and hadn’t changed much over the last few centuries. Today, most businesses have a business management solution and, at the end of every month, they get together to work out whether they’ve hit their numbers or not.
We set out to fix that by making real-time accounting a reality and to give everyone a reliable, live view of how their company is performing. Sage Live brings business to life and captures all information in a single system.

Your entire business in the palm of your hand

For businesses to succeed today, they need a clear view of performance in the moment and to be able to respond in real-time. Otherwise they are yesterday’s news. Sage Live lets you run your business from the palm of your hand, and unites the front and back office around one source of information. It’s the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle. For the first time, small and medium businesses have everything they need to operate in real-time, making decisions based on what’s in the headlights…not the rear view mirror.

Transparent, collaborative and natively social

Sage Live creates complete transparency and collaboration across the transactions that determine business success and growth. And all of this happens in a distributed, mobile environment.

We’ve made Sage Live natively social, reflecting the shift from slow communication to the more instant collaboration that we’ve come to expect from cloud solutions. We’ve focused on how teams work on multiple devices, in multiple environments and often in globally distributed teams. Sage Live is a highly flexible and configurable application that fully integrates with thousands of business applications so people can run their businesses, their way.

Technology potential of the future

We knew that Sage Live was special when we first announced it in May last year. Since then we’ve received incredible feedback from customers. At an event last year, one customer told us, “When I saw Sage Live the hairs on my arms stood up. I got goosebumps.” While early adopters, like Kingpin have told us that Sage Live helps them to save time and work smarter.

This award recognises that we haven’t just taken an existing accounting engine to the cloud like many other products in the market. Through Sage Live we have completely re-imagined what it means to run a business and built an accounting platform that reflects the technology potential of the future.

Media Relations at Sage

Kate Bonner, Director of Communications