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Partner with Sage and leverage our open API

Financial and Banking

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are protocols that allow two or more applications to connect and work together. Financial and Banking organisations can use our open APIs to integrate their solution with Sage and become part of an expanding ecosystem.

Why partner with Sage?

Financial and Banking organisations can now leverage Sage solutions through open API integration, allowing enhanced capabilities and revenue potential for your products.

Extension of services

Developing new solutions and services from scratch can be time-consuming and costly. Integrate your solution via our open API and extend the capabilities your products and services can offer.

Speed to market

Sage offers secure, standard-based open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to partners that your development team can quickly access and use to start building an integration immediately.

Competitive advantage

Sage is a trusted solution in the small and medium market that will deliver competitive capabilities that your products and services can leverage.

Sage open APIs for Finance and Banking

Explore our Banking Service capabilities and discover how to begin developing with Sage.

Banking Service

Sage Banking Service automates the bank reconciliation process by linking the customer’s online bank account to their Sage solution. Connect to Sage solutions and apps and enable your customers to import bank transaction data and automatically reconcile their records with just a few clicks.

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