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Choose the right credit card payment machine for your business

Protect your business and customers with certified payment terminals and hardware from Sage.

Accept quick and secure payments with a Sage card terminal

Our EMV-compliant card terminals help you manage risk and protect your customers from fraud.

Whatever the size of your business, choosing a reliable card terminal is a priority. Give your customers have a convenient and safe way to pay.

If you’re looking for credit card machine rental, we’ve got the secure solution you're looking for. 

Countertop card machines

Accept payments at a fixed location, such as a shop sales counter. All you need is a power socket and an internet connection. 

Portable card machines

Process card payments where it suits your customers, such as on the shop floor or by a restaurant table. All you need is a wireless internet connection or 3G network. 

Mobile card machines

Take payments on the go, wherever your customers may be.  All you need is a 3G network (a wireless connection also works).

All Sage card terminals meet the highest standards of security in the industry, and are Eurocard, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) compliant.


How payment terminals work

A payment terminal is also known as a credit card terminal or point-of-sale terminal. It allows you to process a debit or credit card payment when a customer makes a purchase from your business in person, or via telephone. Customers simply insert, swipe or contactlessly tap their card to make a transaction. The information can also be manually entered if required. This data is then transmitted to the merchant service provider for authorisation, before funds are transferred to you (the merchant).

Most newer payment processing machines not only take credit and debit cards but also handle gift cards, cheques, and so on.

Our EMV-compliant payment terminals come equipped with near-field communication (NFC) technology, allowing contactless payments. This means customers can make a quick payment by holding their NFC-compatible device a few centimetres from the terminal. The proximity of the device to the terminal makes it virtually impossible for details to be intercepted while in use. Payment security comes guaranteed. 

Why choose a Sage card terminal?

Our mobile terminals combine the latest technology and highest security standards. You and your customers can expect a safe, reliable and efficient way to accept and make payments. With seven different options to choose from, you’re sure to find the right option for your business:

  • Ingenico iCT220
  • Ingenico iCT250
  • Verifone VX520
  • Verifone VX680
  • PAX s3001
  • Equinox L53001
  • Ingenico iPP3201

Secure card payments

An EMV-equipped terminal can prevent skimming at the point-of-sale. The microchip in every credit or debit card creates a unique code after each transaction. This makes them very difficult to counterfeit, protecting both your business and your customers.

Contactless payment option

Let your customers make payments in a matter of seconds.

Cheque acceptance options

Enjoy point-of-sale cheque conversion.


Never miss a sale with face-to-face card payments

Make it easy for your customers to pay with fast and secure payment options in store, or on the move.

Get advice on managing and accepting card payments