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Set-up a merchant account for your business

Our merchant account solutions make it quick and easy to accept non-cash payments securely. Choose Sage as your payment service provider.

Accept a range of non-cash payments with a merchant account

If you’re looking for a reliable payment service provider, we can help.

It’s crucial to the success of your business that you accept a variety of payment types. A Sage merchant account can help you process secure credit and debit card transactions with ease.

What is a merchant account?

A merchant account is a special type of business bank account used for accepting non-cash payments. When a customer makes a purchase, your merchant account provider holds the funds before releasing them to your business bank account. If there are any refunds or reversals associated with a transaction, these will be deducted from your merchant account before the balance is transferred.

Why do I need a merchant account?

As the world becomes increasingly cashless, offering your customers an alternative to cash or cheque is essential. The benefits of setting up a merchant account include:

  • Improved cash flow management
  • Ability to accept recurring payments for services provided on a regular basis
  • Increased sales
  • Avoid potential losses from bounced cheques
  • Greater customer convenience and satisfaction

Why choose Sage as my merchant service provider?

As a payments partner to businesses of all types and sizes, we understand the importance of keeping funds flowing. With our merchant account services, you can enjoy:

  • Easy account set-up
  • Faster payments
  • Added security for you and your customers
  • Competitive merchant account fees
  • Detailed reporting
  • Internet-based and offshore merchant accounts.

Getting started with your merchant account

To set-up your merchant account, you'll need to complete an application. To save time, have the following business information ready:

  • Bank account and routing numbers
  • Tax ID (EIN)
  • Processing volumes or estimates
  • Business start date
  • Contact information
  • Authorised signer information

Once we've received your application we’ll be in touch with more information, including a unique merchant ID number for your account.

Run your business better with Sage as your payment service provider

As well as offering some of the best merchant accounts available, we have a range of payment solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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