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Retail merchant services to support your business

However and wherever your customers like to shop, you can count on our merchant services. We offer a range of payment processing software and solutions.

Get the best merchant services for your business

We offer a suite of options to help you accept credit card transactions and other non-cash payments - as well as help you drive more sales. All our payment solutions are safe, fast, and flexible.

What are merchant services?

Merchant services is the management of electronic payments for businesses (i.e. merchants). They allow your business to accept non-cash payments for goods and services. A good merchant services provider is key to the success of your business - you should be able to offer your customers a variety of convenient and safe payment options. Get the edge on your competition by giving customers what they want - an easy way to pay. 

Why choose Sage as your merchant services provider?

Sage online merchant services offer a solution for every payment type - including global payments.

In-store payments

Our card payment terminals (the hardware on your counter that sits alongside the cash register), come equipped with the latest technology. Security and convenience comes guaranteed with our card merchant services. Your customers can pay with their debit or credit card or choose to make a contactless payment.

Online payments

Process customer transactions via an internet payment gateway. Our online merchant services allow customers to make the same types of payments as they would in-store face-to-face.

Mobile payments

Ever do business on the go? Accept payments from your mobile device using 4G or Wi-Fi. Simply enter cardholder information manually via a virtual terminal or use one of our portable card readers.

Run your business better with Sage Payments

We have a range of merchant services and card payment processing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Get advice for growing your business through electronic payments