E-commerce payment processing

Making the most of your online storefront.

E-commerce payment processing

Making the most of your online storefront.

E-commerce payment processing

Making the most of your online storefront.

Taking your business online

Effective payment processing systems in e-commerce. 

With a quarter of all sales now happening online, it’s vital for businesses to embrace this opportunity for growth. Ensuring secure e-commerce credit card processing and clear communications to your customers throughout the experience is an important way to retain them.  

Offering effective e-commerce payment options can help complete that sale and make your business grow.

For businesses new and experienced to online trading, it’s not always easy to get it right.  Too much information can be overwhelming and too little can be disconcerting. How you display your goods and services for maximum appeal is a lesson you will learn through experience, testing, and learning. 

Once you have your customer intrigued, there are simple things you can do to maximise the chances of that interest converting to a transaction.

The basket page

Many online shoppers use the basket page as a way of storing items they are interested in, but not necessarily committed to buying. If you can, create a separate wish-list function on your site with the ability to transfer goods to the shopping basket.

On the basket page, make sure there’s a clear link back to the shop. Getting to the cash register and realising you forgot something is a common shopping experience online and offline.

Always allow your customers the chance to continue shopping from the basket page. Never assume that your customer is finished shopping. It’s frustrating if you’ve forgotten to add something to your basket, hit the back button and find everything is lost. Make sure you don’t let that happen, make it as easy as possible to continue shopping at each stage of the buying process.

Payment pages

This is the moment shoppers need to trust your service most. If the page is too cluttered with information it can be overwhelming. Only offer e-commerce payment options that your customers actually use. Think about branding this page to match the rest of your site or that of a reputable payment gateway.

Delivery cost

Be upfront about delivery costs. Hidden charges are a major red flag and can result in lost sales at the end of the process. Letting customers know about delivery fees before they reach the basket page will minimise the risk of aborted transactions.

3D Secure

Letting your customers know in advance that they will be redirected to 3D secure removes the element of surprise. Many new online shoppers may not be familiar with the processes. If they can’t remember their password, or haven’t created one previously, it can be a barrier to purchase, so a pre-emptive warning will help them continue with confidence.

Sage offers a multitude of e-commerce payment options for businesses of all sizes.

Secure e-commerce payment options
Sage processes millions of secure transactions for its 50,000+ customers each year and makes the process of taking payments simpler, safer, and more profitable for businesses big and small.
Efficient transactions
The Sage payment gateway is always ready to take payments, accepting credit and debit cards in over 25 currencies, as well as PayPal and more. At a speed of 1.7s per transaction, Sage has the 2nd fastest payment gateway in the world.
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Sage Payment Solutions offer client support every day of the year. With online communities, live chat, and phone support, you'll never be on your own.